Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sitting up

The other day at Zac's 7 month appointment, his pedi made note of the fact that he still isn't sitting up unassisted.  Until this point I really hadn't given it any thought- mainly because I'm too tired to give it much thought... but aside from that, I think I figured that if he's crawling, there really isn't much need to be sitting up unassisted.  Normally if we were to sit him up, he gets annoyed and flings himself onto his stomach so he can start crawling around the living room... I think it's logical that he's crawling so well- he spends all day during the school week with a bunch of kids who are mobile- and he wants to keep up with them!

Anyways- so the doctor suggested we put him in a laundry basket to help him sit up unassisted- so we did and he had a good time.  But in doing this exercise (along with a few other suggested 'sitting up exercises') we learned that he actually does sit up really well unassisted- he just doesn't last long because he wants to crawl!).

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Samantha said...

I'm cracking up that you have to "contain" him in order to get him to sit! :) And seriously, with a big brother to chase and {later on...} annoy, who can blame him for not wanting to sit still for very long!