Sunday, October 25, 2009


I love these pictures...

The pumpkin with the "normal" looking face is the first pumpkin we carved... I did it myself under the direction of Deacon.  The pumpkin on the right, however, is the one that Deacon carved- I let him have access to the pumpkin carving tools and let him do what he wanted.  He needed some help... but did a pretty good job by himself.  I thought he was just randomly making shapes in the pumpkin- and then slowly realized he was making two large (and oddly shaped eyes) along with a nose... I realized this after he asked me to make a "big squiggly mouth."

Anyways- Damien did take quite a few pictures of us carving the pumpkins but those pictures are on the other camera and I just honestly don't have the energy to get those pictures onto my computer right now... so those can wait for another day.  Until then, enjoy the final product... spooky candles and all :)

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Anonymous said...

Good job Deacon yours is the best!!