Monday, October 12, 2009

My Crazy Birthday Story

Yesterday was my 35th birthday. Though I celebrated it all weekend with trips to Star Wars: In Concert and dinner at Mikuni, yesterday was the actual day. I commemorated it by taking a deep-sea fishing trip in the Pacific, off the San Francisco Bay with Sundi and friends.

It started off with a departure from Sacramento at 4:00AM. Our boat left Berkeley marina at about 6:30AM and we were in the open Pacific by 7:00AM. We started fishing at about 9:00AM and did 5 or 6 drifts before we started heading back. We caught Rock Cod, Yellow Tail and Ling Cod, and a few Red Snappers. I caught more than my limit on Rock Cod (donated some of my overage to other fishers) and a few other fish. My biggest (and the second biggest on the boat) was a 13.5# Ling Cod.

The original plan was to be back in Sac by 6ish in the afternoon which would give me enough time to celebrate a birthday dinner with Deacon and Amanda and her mother. That plan fell apart when Sundi's Expedition died somewhere West of Vallejo. After over 2 hours of waiting for a AAA truck and then bickering with AAA over rates and membership types we got back on the road, now either in a taxi or the cab of a flat bed wrecker. Daryl, the flat-bed's driver was quite nice and a real talker.

I eventually got home around 8:30PM, far too late to celebrate with Deacon. I still got my specially cooked spaghetti and meatball dinner (with a salad with my favorite dressing). I also got the see the Jackson Pollak-style pumpkin Deacon decorated for me and the Jackson Pollak-style mess left on the patio.

This afternoon, Marty made me an apple pie and Deacon and I scratched off the lotto tickets he helped Mommy buy for me (he pushed the buttons on the vending machine). I won $4.

All said and done, it was a wonderful birthday weekend... even the time spent with Daryl.

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