Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So we finally made it ToT'ing!  And for the first year EVER, we had a really good experience.  Both boys took late naps in the afternoon, ate a good dinner, and were both raring to go by 6:30.  Zac did great and lasted about 30 minutes and Deacon went for almost 2 hours (with about a 20 minute break to go home and check in with dad).  After the mini-break, Grandma took Zac to bed and Damien came back out ToT'ing with us.  We recently made some new friends in our neighborhood and their house was one of two really scary houses- Deacon didn't want to even go up and ring the doorbell without daddy- hence the pictures of Deacon looking skeptical approaching the one house.

All-in-all, a very successful Halloween for our Buzz Lightyear and Boo Boo Chicken.

Deacon wanted to scare Grandma, so he rang the doorbell, ran to hide and then jumped out at her- stupid light post is in the way so the picture is focused on that and not on them... but I liked the picture since you can see the candy in the bowl flying out :)

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Unknown said...

LOVE the scaring Grandma picture ... TRULY the best! I love your mom ... can I adopt her? Seriously!