Saturday, October 31, 2009


I cannot begin to say how proud I am of our team.  We played the most horrible team today - they were rude & nasty... and acted as though our kids were playing a professional game of soccer.  Not only did they laugh at a player on our team after getting hurt, they laughed at Deacon when he went through the wrong tunnel at the end of the game... and they were mad at their players when the kids missed goals.  I was livid. The other team had all 10 players there and we had a few sickies not show up- so we had half the players.  But yet, we WON!!!  Our kids were so good and played so well- I'm so proud of them.

Anyways... funny story-
Deacon was SO tired by the 4th quarter and wanted out of the game... but we had one injured player and one player unable to go back in for other reasons.  Anyways, when we told him he couldn't come out of the game he started crying on the field... and then I screamed that he'd get M&M's if he played for 5 more minutes.  Well, as you can see from the next picture- he was VERY much on board with that.

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