Sunday, September 13, 2009

Deacon's (and Damien's) First Soccer Game

So, I know it was mentioned in at least one post that this year is the first year that Deacon is playing soccer. It also happens to be the first year that I am coaching soccer (after having last played in junior high school). Well, this past Saturday was our team's first game. Unfortunately, Amanda had to be out of town on work, so the photo's I'll post were generously provided by one of the other team parents (he actually sent us 55 pictures of Deacon).

Amanda and I were both kind of worried about this first game. At our last practice before the game, Deacon began to act as if he wasn't interested in playing at the game. And on Saturday morning, he seemed somewhat nonplussed. But once things got underway, Deacon loved it and even surprised me a little. Actually, the whole team surprised us. They've all be holding back at practice!

While the league doesn't officially keep score for the 'Under-6's, someone forgot to tell our official, because she did. We won the match, 6-0! And I was worried about a shutout in the other direction!

It was tons of fun, and we're looking forward to next week's game!

Deacon contemplating the ball pre-game

Tai Chi warm-ups maybe?

"Oh look, a soccer ball coming my way!"

Gotta stay hydrated!

Love those half-time snacks!

Some coaching from Assistant Coach Nancy

Deacon's pass that became an assist on Turner's shot on goal!

Back out to finish the oranges!

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Martha said...

Great pictures! Thanks! ..... and congrats, unofficially, of course!