Monday, September 7, 2009

Cal State Fair: Take 2

This baby calf was born 2 hours before this picture was taken

So Deacon and I went back to the California State Fair today with Taylor, Morgan and Karla. The kids were SO excited to ride the rides... it's all they talked about from the minute we met.

Well, as you can well imagine- they were all talk. Neither one of the wanted to ride those rides... in fact, they were horrified when we pulled up to the rides and suggested they get on. Finally we forced them onto the carousel with me- out of the 3 children on my lap, the 2 crying were the two oldest. Thankfully the crying stopped when they realized we weren't on the psycho fast carousel (you know, they have lots of those at the state fair, LOL).

Anyways- aside from the ride debacle, the kids had a good time riding around in the wagon, eating ice cream and seeing the animals. All in all, a good time.


Martha said...

What great fair pictures! #2 and #3 make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

#3 picture reminds me of a story I heard about a little girl and her grandpa and a bar of soap at 1203 West Jefferson Street.

Martha said...

BOY!!! Was that little girl mad, or what???!?!