Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zachary's first visit to Chuck E. Cheeses

Lucky him, huh? - and by the looks of this picture, it looks like he was having a blast!!! Thankfully he spent the majority of the time on my back, so he didn't touch too much, LOL. Deacon was in heaven- as we were walking in he says, "Oh wow, it's really Chuck E. Cheese! We're really here!!!" HAHA!

After a fun filled evening of good company, bad pizza, and fun games, we were all beat... and Zac is officially over tired- which is always a joy to deal with all night. But oh well- it was worth it. Anything for Chuck E. Cheese.


Theresa said...

Which one did you go to? All the ones I know of around here are dirty, yuk! Glad Deacon had fun.

Unknown said...

FUN!! You look GREAT momma!

Martha said...

You do look GOOD!