Monday, August 24, 2009

My little soccer player

I cannot believe my baby is old enough to be playing team sports like soccer. But he is, and he's loving it. He loves having daddy be his coach- and I think Damien might be enjoying it all too. Deacon is so pleased with his soccer shoes, his shin guards and all the cool new "soccer clothes" we bought (though he's not too excited to show them all off for the camera). Every time I see him getting ready for practice I'm just taken aback by how big he is... how grown up he seems.

And then I start to worry- if I'm this emotional over soccer, how in the world am I going to handle kindergarten??? I'm going to be an absolute mess. My nephew and niece just moved into the dorms at Texas Tech this past weekend... and I couldn't help but think about how quickly the years have gone by. I still think of these two as little kids!!! As much as I do love all the things Deacon gets to do now that he's older, it really makes me step back and wish that time would slow down a bit.

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