Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Ferber... I love you.

The title says it all. The man is my hero. In less than one week my child has gone from waking up 3-4 times (taking a 6 ounce bottle each.time) to waking up ONCE... yes, ONCE. And two nights ago he didn't wake up at all.

(yes, I'm knocking on wood...)

My child is happy, healthy and now sleeps well... he wakes up in the morning raring to go. When we go get him in the morning he is all smiles. And at daycare he goes to sleep on his own and takes two hour naps.

I am in love...

(and yes, Zac does have a bruise on his head... his crib aquarium thing fell on his head... he's fine- purple paci made it all better)

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