Sunday, August 30, 2009

California State Fair: FAIL

So we all went to the California State Fair today. It started off great... it was a perfect day- cool weather, nice breeze and happy boys... best of all- the fair wasn't crowded at all so early in the morning.

It was going great... until Deacon and I went down the "big slide." He insisted on holding my hand on the way down- which made him twist a little bit, so he put his hand down on the slide, causing him to get a friction burn. Yes, I know those aren't comfortable- but my child acted as though he was in need of an arm amputation. After many fights, lots of whining and much impatience on my part, we all packed up and left... which sucked because in years past, Deacon has done so well at the fair- and this year was going so well until that stupid slide. He's never wanted to ride the rides (too scared)... and this year he was actually interested in them. No one got to enjoy the yummy fair food either.

Blah. Cal State Fair '09: FAIL

(though I will say that I think Zachary did enjoy himself a lot more than any of us... I would have given my right arm to sleep through the whining)


Martha said...

OK -- maybe the fair outing wasn't 50's tv sit com perfect, but there were fun moments, fun memories, we were together AND lesson learned -- keep your hands inside the mat when going down the slide. And don't forget you got great pictures, too. Moms are always too hard on themselves

Theresa said...

Those are cute pics. Before I even read what you wrote I thought, "wow, looks like something went wrong on the slide!" I hope Deacon's hand is okay!