Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Picture taken tonight- feeling much better! Getting petted outside!

Picture taken the day after... looking quite sad and lethargic

Two days ago (Monday night) my mom and Milo were out taking a walk when two pit bulls came running down the street and attacked Milo. The two dogs went right for Milo and clamped down on both sides of his neck and bit him in multiple other places.

My mom was not bitten at all- thank God.

As my mom started screaming, neighbors from all over came to see what was happening- they were witnessing two dogs attack another dog... and my mom trying desperately to stop it. Many people would have just called 911 or animal control- many people would not have intervened to help save a dog. But praise God, our neighbors are all dog lovers... and two men grabbed sticks/shovels/brooms and started beating the pit bulls off of Milo- which worked after a couple of blows. The pit bulls went after Milo a second time, but thankfully were not successful. When Milo was freed my mom grabbed him and ran into the house of a complete stranger and locked Milo in the bathroom.

Milo needed to stay overnight at the animal hospital and sustained some pretty nasty injuries around his neck. His metal collar saved his life- the dogs were not able to bite through that.

My mom is bruised, sore and having pretty bad flashbacks of the incident. I am beyond thankful that these dogs were not human aggressive.

More than anything else, I am so thankful Deacon was not with my mom on that walk... I'm fairly confident the pits would not have gone after Deacon, but I cannot begin to imagine him having to witness the attack on Milo.

Times like this remind me that there are so many good people in this world- so many neighbors were out and helping my mom and my dog that night. They didn't have to do that- but they did. They have continued to check on us throughout the past couple of days too- complete strangers.

Milo is doing much better now... he's walking around looking quite pathetic, as only Milo can do... and he's being treated like royalty (more so than usual!).

I am so incredibly thankful that my mom and Milo are both ok and home with me... thanks to our wonderful neighbors, veterinary care and of course my mom.


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh!!! That made me SO angry and I am not an animal person by nature. Thank goodness Milo was OK and that your Mom was too. ((hugs))

Cate said...

Wow, that is so so scary! I am so glad to hear you are all physically okay. Where were the owners of those dogs? Did they catch the dogs?

Krianca said...
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Krianca said...

Oh my goodness! I heard Milo was attacked and had to read up on it... jesus that's awful. As dog owners we know that there are no bad animals, only bad owners.. but damn it's hard to say that when your baby just got hurt. I'm glad you guys are ok, and Milo does look really pathetic, but he always looks pathetic. (had to delete first post, forgot to put the "g" in "dog")