Saturday, July 18, 2009

Milo... the pathetic dog

So Milo came home this morning with one of those obnoxious collars... and the poor thing was so upset by it. He kept knocking into things, couldn't move around well and spent most of the morning and afternoon crying and shaking.

I finally called the vet this afternoon and told them that there has to be an alternative... we cannot keep this collar on him for TEN days. No way. So she told me about this inflatable collar that they sell at pet stores.

Thank God.

This thing is heaven sent... Milo still isn't a huge fan, but at least he can get around, can eat his food normally and can play with his new toad toy :) So while it's not 100% better, this new collar is quite an improvement.

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Unknown said...

I am REALLY not a dog person, but I think that I love Milo. He's SO sweet!