Friday, July 10, 2009

Merry Christmas in July!!!

Deacon was in desperate need of a bike... I figured this out a few weeks ago when Deacon & Taylor were riding bikes- Deacon's bike was significantly smaller than Taylor's bike... it looked like it was made for a toddler!!!

A bit of background:
Last Christmas I had told my mom that I wanted new stockings for the family. Growing up we had these gorgeous hand sewn (needle point) stockings that I loved. There is no stocking in the entire world that is like mine. I wanted that for the boys. So for the past 6 months my mom has been working really hard on these stockings.

Well... a couple days before she came here, she finished the stockings!!! So we felt the need to celebrate her finishing the stockings by celebrating Christmas in July :) We thought this was a perfect opportunity for us to get Deacon a bike too! He was somewhat confused but REALLY happy.

Zac was being kinda crabby- he didn't appreciate Christmas in July the way Deacon did... so I wasn't able to get a good picture of the stockings, or a comparison picture of Deacons old bike and new bike. Maybe tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

FUN!! He looks like such a big boy on his new bike! <3