Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gro Baby

I have become a cloth diapering fanatic... For months before Zac was born I researched what diaper to get- inevitably I just ordered a bunch of different diapers, knowing the "best" diaper would depend on Zachary. Well, after almost 5 months of CD'ing, we've finally found our favorites (though I'm sad to say that he just grew out of our absolute favorites and the next size up is way too big...). Anyways, the diapers we really like right now are called Gro Baby diapers- they're one sized so they'll grow with him as he gets bigger. These are such cute diapers- but I'm pretty biased... I think anything on Zac is pretty cute :)


Martha said...

No, Amanda, you are NOT biased. Looking at Zac very objectively, he is absolutely gorgeous.

Katie said...

He is adorable! Could be an ad for Gro Baby. I did the same thing and bought lots. And just sold off all the stuff I don't love as much on Diaper Swappers.