Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Baby Datty"

This little boy at Deacon & Zac's school, Ethan, is one of the cutest boys I know (next to my own, of course)... he just adores Zachary and everytime I pick up the boys Ethan runs up, hugs me, then leads me to Zachary, points and says, "Baby Datty!!!" (translation: Baby Zachary). It's so cute that we've come to call him that ourselves from time to time :)

I cannot believe he is almost 5 months old... and that one year ago today I knew that I was carrying around this little miracle inside of me. I had no clue what lay ahead... how hard things would be- between the bleeding, the gallstones, the sinus infections, not gaining enough weight, etc... But I'll tell you what- being pregnant at 100 lbs lighter than the last time is absolutely amazing.

Zac is doing really well lately... he loves to put everything in his mouth- especially his hands. Deacon never did this, so we find it really funny. He's also a huge drool-monster and is constantly blowing bubbles and making funny mouth noises. His favorite thing to do is stand up- most of the time he'll scream for you to stand him up and once you stand him up he just squeals and gets so smiley. A sure way to get him to stop crying is to send Deacon over to sing the ABC's and do a little dance... it's never failed (::knock on wood::). He's also found his feet- and he loves to grab onto them and roll from side to side (as pictured).

The past 2 weeks he's falling into some bad sleep habits... ok, WE'RE falling into some bad sleep habits... so I'm bound and determined to fix that. Step one is ridding ourselves of the swaddle... wish us luck. Lord knows we need it, since Deacon was swaddled until he was 9 months old (YIKES).

He's still measuring right in the 25th percentile for weight and height (though 75th for head- which shouldn't surprise us since Deacon was always in the 100th percentile for head). He's doing great on his reflux meds and he's generally a really happy baby.


Unknown said...

WOW! Those 5 months went by fast!

Martha said...

I love that boy!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! He is SOOO darn cute!!