Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What could be cuter???

Pretty in pink

Deacon loves pink... just like his mama. So needless to say, he gets really excited when we "let him" use the pink towel after bathtime :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feeling better...

I'm SO thankful that the stomach flu seems to have left our house... well, Damien & Milo haven't gotten it, and I'm staying optimistic that Deacon, Zac and I were the only lucky ones.

Because he got sick so much on Sunday, we kept Deacon home yesterday (Monday). We were, of course, hoping Deacon would be feeling better, but I know a part of us also wanted another day like Sunday- we were hoping Deacon wanted to spend the entire day resting on the couch watching movies... which would have made working from home a LOT easier (since I was in bed sick, Damien was by himself for the most part). But no such luck- Deacon woke up Monday morning feeling 100% himself again... which means no lying around :)

Gro Baby

I have become a cloth diapering fanatic... For months before Zac was born I researched what diaper to get- inevitably I just ordered a bunch of different diapers, knowing the "best" diaper would depend on Zachary. Well, after almost 5 months of CD'ing, we've finally found our favorites (though I'm sad to say that he just grew out of our absolute favorites and the next size up is way too big...). Anyways, the diapers we really like right now are called Gro Baby diapers- they're one sized so they'll grow with him as he gets bigger. These are such cute diapers- but I'm pretty biased... I think anything on Zac is pretty cute :)

Always the "big help" dog

I had some dental work done today and was laying on the couch in pain... and Milo, of course, had to come make me feel better. He even brought me his favorite toy.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

One sick weekend...

Where did this weekend go?!?! I cannot believe it's time to go back to work already tomorrow!

Well, the weekend fun started on the ride home from daycare on Friday... I'm driving along and hear Zachary in the back gagging on his own vomit. I panicked and pulled over because he was literally chocking. Poor thing was so upset and covered in throw up :( It was horrible. His stomach bug lasted until Saturday morning around 10ish.

We spent all day Saturday really relaxed and then Saturday evening Deacon and I went to a party... turns out their kids (who go to school with D & Z) also have the stomach flu. Great. Now I knew it was just a matter of time before Deacon started throwing up... turns out I didn't need to wait TOO long. This morning at 8:30 Deacon got to join in on the fun. And unfortunately for Deacon, his body seems to be taking the illness a lot worse than anyone else. I've actually never seen him like this in all of his 4 years of getting sick... he spent the entire day either on the couch or in bed- no playing at all. I felt so bad for him that I went to Blockbuster and rented a ton of movies for him... so I'm sure that motivated him since we rarely let him watch the type of movies I got for him, LOL.

So Zac is much better and able to go to school tomorrow, but Deacon will be staying home with us... seeing as though he can only seem to keep down a couple tablespoons of Pedialyte. Please say a prayer this is over soon for him...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Baby Datty"

This little boy at Deacon & Zac's school, Ethan, is one of the cutest boys I know (next to my own, of course)... he just adores Zachary and everytime I pick up the boys Ethan runs up, hugs me, then leads me to Zachary, points and says, "Baby Datty!!!" (translation: Baby Zachary). It's so cute that we've come to call him that ourselves from time to time :)

I cannot believe he is almost 5 months old... and that one year ago today I knew that I was carrying around this little miracle inside of me. I had no clue what lay ahead... how hard things would be- between the bleeding, the gallstones, the sinus infections, not gaining enough weight, etc... But I'll tell you what- being pregnant at 100 lbs lighter than the last time is absolutely amazing.

Zac is doing really well lately... he loves to put everything in his mouth- especially his hands. Deacon never did this, so we find it really funny. He's also a huge drool-monster and is constantly blowing bubbles and making funny mouth noises. His favorite thing to do is stand up- most of the time he'll scream for you to stand him up and once you stand him up he just squeals and gets so smiley. A sure way to get him to stop crying is to send Deacon over to sing the ABC's and do a little dance... it's never failed (::knock on wood::). He's also found his feet- and he loves to grab onto them and roll from side to side (as pictured).

The past 2 weeks he's falling into some bad sleep habits... ok, WE'RE falling into some bad sleep habits... so I'm bound and determined to fix that. Step one is ridding ourselves of the swaddle... wish us luck. Lord knows we need it, since Deacon was swaddled until he was 9 months old (YIKES).

He's still measuring right in the 25th percentile for weight and height (though 75th for head- which shouldn't surprise us since Deacon was always in the 100th percentile for head). He's doing great on his reflux meds and he's generally a really happy baby.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Milo... the pathetic dog

So Milo came home this morning with one of those obnoxious collars... and the poor thing was so upset by it. He kept knocking into things, couldn't move around well and spent most of the morning and afternoon crying and shaking.

I finally called the vet this afternoon and told them that there has to be an alternative... we cannot keep this collar on him for TEN days. No way. So she told me about this inflatable collar that they sell at pet stores.

Thank God.

This thing is heaven sent... Milo still isn't a huge fan, but at least he can get around, can eat his food normally and can play with his new toad toy :) So while it's not 100% better, this new collar is quite an improvement.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bye mama :(

My mom leaves early tomorrow morning... so sad. This visit has been so absolutely stressful- I know my mom is sad to leave, but I'm sure she's also ready to get home, sleep in her own bed and just get away from this situation for a while.

We had a good time playing dress up with Zac tonight before he went to bed- my mom crocheted the shorts and the hat. He obviously wasn't as thrilled at first... but then he probably realized how cute he looked and started being smiley.

Well crap :(

Milo is back at the vet tonight...

His stitches and drains were removed this afternoon- and this evening when we went to clean his wounds we realized that his biggest sore had opened up completely. He had a hole in his head. We called the Emergency Clinic and they said he needed to come back in to get it fixed- and it's a big enough hole that it will require that he's sedated and kept overnight.

I hate this.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Lauryn & Deacon snuggling on his chair... two minutes later Deacon was saying, "No thank you, Lauryn." LOL

I have such amazing friends...

Tonight Lisa came over with a care package for my mom and Milo... flowers, a homemade card and dog bones. The kids got to play, we've got pretty carnations (LOL, Lisa), and Milo got some treats. It was a nice evening- and Milo (and my mom and I) felt very loved :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Picture taken tonight- feeling much better! Getting petted outside!

Picture taken the day after... looking quite sad and lethargic

Two days ago (Monday night) my mom and Milo were out taking a walk when two pit bulls came running down the street and attacked Milo. The two dogs went right for Milo and clamped down on both sides of his neck and bit him in multiple other places.

My mom was not bitten at all- thank God.

As my mom started screaming, neighbors from all over came to see what was happening- they were witnessing two dogs attack another dog... and my mom trying desperately to stop it. Many people would have just called 911 or animal control- many people would not have intervened to help save a dog. But praise God, our neighbors are all dog lovers... and two men grabbed sticks/shovels/brooms and started beating the pit bulls off of Milo- which worked after a couple of blows. The pit bulls went after Milo a second time, but thankfully were not successful. When Milo was freed my mom grabbed him and ran into the house of a complete stranger and locked Milo in the bathroom.

Milo needed to stay overnight at the animal hospital and sustained some pretty nasty injuries around his neck. His metal collar saved his life- the dogs were not able to bite through that.

My mom is bruised, sore and having pretty bad flashbacks of the incident. I am beyond thankful that these dogs were not human aggressive.

More than anything else, I am so thankful Deacon was not with my mom on that walk... I'm fairly confident the pits would not have gone after Deacon, but I cannot begin to imagine him having to witness the attack on Milo.

Times like this remind me that there are so many good people in this world- so many neighbors were out and helping my mom and my dog that night. They didn't have to do that- but they did. They have continued to check on us throughout the past couple of days too- complete strangers.

Milo is doing much better now... he's walking around looking quite pathetic, as only Milo can do... and he's being treated like royalty (more so than usual!).

I am so incredibly thankful that my mom and Milo are both ok and home with me... thanks to our wonderful neighbors, veterinary care and of course my mom.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The other boy :)

Milo had a good time tonight. First he "helped" mom play cards (he helped by eating all the popcorn she dropped). Then we played hide-n-seek (I hid under the blanket, he found and attacked me). And finally, after Damien went upstairs to bed, mom and I gave Milo popcorn (shhh, don't tell Damien).

A boy and his bike

Deacon just loves his "razor bike" (as he calls it). Tonight after some major temper tantrums my mom and I took him to the park to get some fresh air... he was so worn out and overly tired that at the park he needed to stop for a break.

Enjoying our garden

Our first pumpkin!!!

I got it from my mama...

If you were ever curious where I got my knack for taking pictures... you now know where I got it (or maybe where I didn't get it).

Picture courtesy of my mother.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Aiden!

Deacon with the birthday boy!

Taylor was none too pleased with this part of the party...

This picture was taken AFTER he rode on the swing of doom (see below picture for a look at his reaction).

Deacon was not happy about this swing. I don't think he was necessarily scared as much as he was sick to his stomach... Aiden, on the other hand, thought it was the most amazing thing ever :)

Happy Birthday Aiden!!! We had a great time with Aiden and friends at a Spiderman gymnastics party. The kids had so much fun- it was a really cute party... and perfect since it wore the kids out right before bedtime :)