Friday, June 19, 2009

*WARNING* Do not read if you get grossed out by toenail injuries

I seriously have the strangest child...

A couple days ago we were on our way into the gym for swim lessons... Deacon wasn't wearing any shoes and he opened the door really fast over his toe. There was blood everywhere and the toenail was actually lifted off his skin (::cringe::). Oh my gosh I about passed out, LOL. Thankfully the people at Cal Fitness were super nice and helped us put a bandage/wrap over it and we headed off to Urgent Care. Deacon was so brave... but here's where the strange child part comes in- Deacon had so much FUN at Urgent Care. They gave him a balloon, let him see his x-ray's, gave him tons of attention, etc... he thought all the medical equipment was super cool too. He did, however, freak out everytime he saw the blood on his foot. As we were leaving he said he wanted to hurt himself tomorrow so we could come back and have more fun.

Boys. I better get used to it.


Anonymous said...

ouch! Poor baby!

Samantha said...

Oi vey Deacon! Don't get hurt on purpose Buddy! {Though I have to admit, I lol when I read that part. ;) }

Boys. Yep. We better get use to it.