Friday, June 26, 2009

New mattress!!!

Hello from my new mattress!!!

Damien and I are officially old... we bought a Tem.purpedic mattress because we have bad backs and necks- and this mattress came highly recommended from my chiropractor and a bunch of other online sites promoting back health. So let's hope it works as well as people say it will... and let's hope I get used to it sooner rather than later. It's a very different mattress than what I'm used to- comfy, but different.

Anyways... on an entirely different note-

I am so proud of Deacon. He just completed his 4th week of swim lessons and I can now say that he is swimming on his own. He's no Olympic athlete, but he's able to jump in at the deep end and swim to us... and even better, he's able to swim back to the wall. He's got a long way to go- he still has trouble floating (gets scared after a while) and if he gets nervous or scared he starts to panic a little and then starts to go under. But for the most part, he is swimming- and really well for a 4 year old!!! The best part is that he loves it... it's never a chore to go to swim lessons and he loves his swim teacher.

In other Deacon news, he is officially signed up to play soccer in the fall... and because we missed the official deadline, Damien had to "volunteer" to be a HEAD coach. You see, they're short on coaches, so they said they would let Deacon play if Damien agreed to coach his team. Damien is excited, but a tad nervous... I can't say I blame him. Coaching a team of little kids while their helicopter parents watch your every move does not sound like my cup of tea!

Zac is doing great... as you can see by some of the more recent pictures, he's getting so big. He's trying so hard to sit up. He loves his little seat that helps him sit upright and gets mad when we make him lay down for too long. He's grabbing objects now and enjoys putting everything in his mouth. He's "talking" a ton now and for the first time tonight he actually did a big belly laugh (at Damien). We're very close to being done with nursing... initially during his nursing strike he was still doing well nursing in the middle of the night. Now his middle of the night feedings are increasingly lazier and unproductive. So I'm doing a lot of pumping and Zac is enjoying his bottle very much.

Well, it's time for bed... my new mattress is calling my name!

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