Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lazy day

Deacon trying to make Zac feel better about tummy time... he says, "Mommy, I think he needs me to make him feel better."

"I hate tummy time!!!"

Reading books with daddy

We had a very lazy, but fun, day today.

Yesterday on Blues Clues, Blue & Steve made orange juice popsicles... so Deacon wanted to make them too. So today we got up, went to the store and got the makings for homemade popsicles. Other than going to the grocery store, we stayed home all day and played... and took lots of pictures in the process :)


Martha said...

I love these pictures! Why can't you do this every day? I mean, really, Amanda, like you have other things to do? Also, why couldn't a picture of Milo be included?

Samantha said...

I love LOVE the pictures of Deacon on the floor with Zac... how cute is he??!

Yay for Lazy Days!!

{P.S. I love the new header pic.}

Unknown said...

Your boys are too cute!!

Your header picture is beyond adorable! What a great picture of the 4 of you!