Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kiddie updates

No pictures today... just lots of random updates :)

I took Zac for a med check and vaccinations today... we're doing Dr. Bob's (Robert Sears) vaccination schedule so we go in more often but get fewer shots at each visit. First things first- weight check to make sure we're on target with the med dosage... 12 lbs 9 ounces. So funny because I keep thinking how big he's getting- until he's officially weighed and I compare it to Deacon at this age. He's our little peanut. Dr. Shah is so happy with how Zac is doing- as are we. He's honestly such a different baby now that we've got him on the right meds. I even have friends now who don't believe Zac was ever disagreeable because everytime they see him he's so calm and content. He is a very serious baby and it does take a little bit more work to get him to smile... and no one can make him smile like mommy, daddy, Deacon and Ms. Tanier.

Speaking of Ms. Tanier- Zac is doing SO well at daycare... he absolutely loves it and is spoiled every minute of every day. The kids just love him to pieces and you have to fight Tanier for a chance to hold him once she's there with him :) Deacon really likes having Zac there and is always such a proud big brother.

We still have yet to see any major jealousy issues with Deacon... every now and then we see a little bit of jealousy, but nothing big and nothing that ever lasts. He's just really good with Zac- and is always willing to help out when asked.

Deacon is loving swim lessons and I'm fairly convinced that by the end of June he'll be swimming. His swim instructor moved him up a level in the middle of the first week because he felt like Deacon was too advanced for the class we had him in. He's such a water baby- and absolutely fearless when it comes to the pool.

Oh, and back to Zac-
He's on a major nursing strike... he absolutely refuses to nurse during the day. I don't necessarily mind, but on the weekends, it's a bit obnoxious. Thankfully he's still willing to nurse in the middle of the night, but it seems as though I'm going to be pretty much exclusively pumping during the day.
I'm trying to find other moms who exclusively pumped... and more specifically worked full time and exclusively breastfed/pumped. Just looking for some moral support and personal stories... so if this is you (even if I don't know you and you just blog stalk), please email or comment.

Anyways, that's that... we're going to SF this weekend to do some shots of the boys- I'm really excited and hope that both boys are cooperative :)


Unknown said...

Fun! Fun!

T- said...

Great updates! I pumped during the day, but I was never able to get much, even with supplements. It was disheartening.

Abbie said...

Hello... My name is Abbie and I know Angie through a friend of a friend... so I guess I would fall under the "blog stalker" category... haha... I went back to work full time when my little man was 8 weeks old and nursed/pumped exclusively for at least 6 months. It was a lot of work and I agree that the moral support is needed because there are times you think it would just be easier to give up and supplement or formula feed. Hang in there! The best advice I have is PUMP as often as possible (I would 3 -4 times while at work)...I know this can be difficult so I was lucky to have the support of my employer that I was able to do this... another thing you can do is even after you are done nursing try to pump a little to keep the supply up because that is the most difficult part for working a nursing working mother. Keep up the good work!

Abby said...

A- I would highly recommend checking out thenest.com or thebump.com...I hang out on a board on the nest a lot and the people there are great. There is a board specifically for breastfeeding on the bump that you could post on or just lurk and read other people's stories. http://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/4615093/ShowForum.aspx

Good luck!!!!

Melissa Winter said...

Amanda, have you ever gone to Kellymom.com? There's a ton of info there and a message board for pumping moms. You'll get a lot of support there.

Pumping sucks. Haha - no pun intended!