Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to my first little boy...

The day we brought Milo home:

Milo learned very quickly not to mess with Dusty the cat:

He also learned very quickly that mommy and Grandma liked to play dress up:

He learned that mommy liked making cakes... and leaving them too close to the edge of the counter where he could eat the top of it:

He didn't like it when I left him overnight for the first time... I came home and he tried very hard to show me how much he didn't miss me:

He learned that mommy loved to make him look really cute for the first family Christmas card:

And he learned to love Banana... eventually

And Milo today... I love you baby :)


Unknown said...

I am not a pet person by nature, but these pictures were too sweet!


Katie said...

He's adorable! Makes me want to go hug my first baby, who gets almost completely ignored these days. Ooops.

Cate said...

Okay, is banana really swaddled like a baby in that picture?

Amanda said...

Why yes, Cate, she is. Don't most people swaddle their newborn puppies?

Cate said...

No judgment here, in fact if Pixel would've sat still for it as a puppy I probably would've done it myself.