Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Deacon!

Wow... 4 years. You're no longer a baby- and that is becoming more and more evident every single day. You're a little kid now... and you are so amazing. At this moment 4 years ago, you were merely 3 hours old- you spent the first 3 hours just soaking it all in. I've never seen a more alert little boy- every time I held you, you would just stare up at me. You finally fell asleep after 6 hours- this should have been my first clue that you were never going to be the great sleeper I so desired.

You are so smart- you definitely take after your daddy. As much as I try to get you to love music and dance as much as I do, your passion is most certainly in learning new things. You are so stubborn- but that just means that you rarely give up if you want something badly enough. I still look at you as though you're a baby- and when you do things like write your name, say something in Spanish, or tell me that 2+2=4, I am reminded that you're growing up way too quickly.

I wish I could go back in time and enjoy you more... snuggle you more, appreciate your slobbery kisses more, stare at your beautiful brown eyes more. There were so many things happening in your first 4 years of your life that we often forgot to slow down... and by the time we did you weren't my little baby anymore.

You are such a mama's boy... and I love that. I still melt when you say you love me... tonight when I put you to bed you said, "mama, I love you door to door, ceiling to floor and so much more... more than you love me." I love that you still love snuggling with me from time to time- though most of the time you're way too busy for such things.

For your birthday this year you asked for two things- a cat and an ear piercing. Unfortunately for you, your dad and I got you neither... but you did get a new computer, legos, a desk and a new book. Fortunately for us, you were super excited about the new computer- but that doesn't surprise me at all... you are your fathers son.

So my little boy... I love you more than anything- happy birthday.


Dawn said...

HOLY MOLY... a computer?!?!?! Woah!!! He looks like he had a great day and I'm sure he felt very special!!

Heather said...

Happy bday buddy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Deacon
From Mikey Mouse

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Deacon! You have a wonderful mommy and daddy and little brother. I hope you had a wonderful day! Have fun being 4!!!!!!!