Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's always something...

In the past two months a lot has gone on with me... everytime one thing happens I stupidly breath a sigh of relief thinking- "what else could go wrong?"- you would think I would have learned my lesson by now and stop saying such stupid things. So let's recap these past two months:
- Multiple gallbladder attacks pre-Zac
- Twice weekly NST's pre-Zac
- False labor (two times)
- Real labor and birth of Zac
- Pink eye
- Sinus infection
- Kidney stones
- Car accident (no, I did not blog about this... I will once things are settled with the insurance)
- Tooth extraction (the current issue)

And in all of this I get the utmost sympathy and care from my husband... who never gets as much credit from me as he should. As fun as he is to tease and make fun of, he really does take care of me and I am so lucky... There always seems to be something wrong with me, or something going on, and he never seems to mind- and he's always there for me. I can imagine he often wonders what's going to come up next with me... and thankfully he never shows it or acts annoyed when there's always one more thing. Hopefully next time he's sick I'll take care of him as well as he takes care of me... unlike the last time he was sick and I made him walk Milo (LOL).

I'm also extremely lucky to have my mom here... she's been here for most of these past 2 months and there's nothing like having mom take care of you when you don't feel good. No one does it like mom.

So while I've been doped up on pain meds the past 24 hours I've been well taken care of... and really hoping that this is it for a LONG time.

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Unknown said...

OK, surely you've been through all the bad stuff now. Let's move on to only good.