Friday, April 3, 2009

An important PSA

Today at the pediatrician, Zac's doctor talked to us about the new medication she was adding to Zac's routine... during the conversation I was busy dealing with Mr. Grumpalump (Zac) and trying to get us ready to leave. Despite being pre-occupied with these other things I remember hearing her mention how small of a dose she was prescribing... but I don't remember hearing her say the exact dosage. I figured it wasn't important for me to know- the pharmacist was the one filling the prescription anyways.
Fast forward to tonight...
I pull out the prescription to give Zac his first dose- I read the label... 2 teaspoons twice a day. Red flag immediately raises- when we give Deacon prescription medicines he rarely gets that big of a dose... and then I remember Dr. Shah saying that she was prescribing a very small dose. But still, I figure 2 teaspoons is right, and I was honestly very close to just giving him that dose... but when I put 2 teaspoons of medicine into that dropper I knew the dosage was wrong.
And thank God I trusted my mommy instinct... I called the pharmacy and it turns out that 2 teaspoons twice a day would have been almost 4 times the amount he was supposed to get.
So this is a lesson for me... and anyone else, really. Prescriptions are filled by people who can make mistakes... it was an honest mistake and the pharmacist felt horrible. But everyone makes mistakes. I need to be an advocate for my child- and I should have known the correct dose... I should have been paying attention to Dr. Shah when she was talking about the correct dose. I am not beating myself up about this at all- because I knew enough to not give him 2 teaspoons- but it is a lesson for me... medical mistakes happen every single day- and by paying closer attention I can better prevent these mistakes from happening to my family.


Anonymous said...

now that is scary!

Samantha said...

Good reminder! ;) And good thinking Momma!

Unknown said...

Good catch momma ... that happened to us once too.