Friday, April 17, 2009

The ice cream truck

My child is almost 4 and has never gotten ice cream from the ice cream truck... Now, in my defense, the ice cream trucks around here are rather creepy. Most of them are just old cargo vans driven by scary old men who speak no English... I don't mind that they speak no English, but I do mind the scary old man part. Occasionally, however, a real ice cream truck will drive past- and that was the case last night. So, for some reason, I got the urge to let Deacon experience his first ice cream truck ice cream treat... he was beyond thrilled. He made me run with him to the park down the street- mind you, we were both barefoot because according to him there was no time to put on shoes- we had to run, and fast.

It took a good 5 minutes to choose which ice cream he wanted, but he ultimately decided on Spiderman... and we got a ChocoTaco for daddy. Yum.

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Lynn said...

The choco tacos are the best! Mmm