Friday, April 24, 2009

He got it!

Zac finally has started playing with his toys... it's very exciting to put him under his toys and have him actually interact with them as opposed to just staring blankly (or screaming his head off that we're not holding him).

His favorite entertainment, however, is Deacon- he just LOVES his voice and watching him. It's really cute.


Heather said...

they are soooo cute. I miss the time Aiden use to lay under his little toy like that...his had monkeys and such on it. The first time he belly laughed, was at that toy. I love how Zac loves his brother so're in for it hahahahaha


Adrianne said...

Just wait as they get older! They will continue to entertain each other! I LOVE having 2! They are each others toys! It is AWESOME!