Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter... a few days late

The bunny came for Milo too :)

Milo being very protective of his new beaver

A rare moment of happiness on Easter Sunday...
posing with one of the toys the bunny brought him

We did an Easter egg hunt with Milo- he loves hard boiled eggs
(yes, we're crazy pet owners who do Easter egg hunts with their dog)

Grandma & Zac... kisses make everything better

Ready for bed... probably the only kid around not doped up on sugar

My peaceful boy...
I love this face- it makes me so happy to see him calm and comfortable

Today was nice, for the most part... I really love Easter so I have really high expectations of the day, which isn't always a good thing. I love the joy of hiding and finding Easter baskets and then spending the day relaxing, eating good candy, and fixing a nice meal. But this morning, instead of having a fun and relaxing time finding Easter baskets we found ourselves watching Deacon find his in a matter of less than 5 minutes and listening to Zac scream. Deacon found his so quickly because I needed to get Zac fed and Deacon really needed me to be there when he found his baskets (he was SO excited)... so we really helped Deacon a lot in finding his. Then after I fed Zac, we all took turns holding him and finding our respective baskets... and then the rest of the morning was spent holding/calming a fussy baby.

On a positive note- Deacon was SO excited that the Easter Bunny had come to his house... he was pretty oblivious to Zac's screaming and fussiness. He was also really excited about all the toys the bunny brought him- my child, oddly enough, does not like candy. So the little bit of candy the bunny brought got tossed aside rather quickly (he is SO not my child). Deacon spent the morning with Grandma and Damien playing with his new hot wheels track- he was in Heaven. The important thing is that Deacon had a great day... and he honestly did. I think I'm the only one who was miserable- and I'm assuming that's in part due to the fact that I wanted the day to be perfect (which it was for Deacon now that I look back on it) and I'm still just a touch hormonal (LOL).

Unfortunately I think Zac's medicine dosages are off- he's been growing a lot lately so it doesn't surprise me. In the past few days he's been spitting up a lot more, threw up a few times and has a lot of the other reflux symptoms back. Poor little boy gets so red faced and seems to be in so much pain- especially when he's eating. Today, for example, he's not really had a full meal at all... just lots of little snacks- it's all his tummy seems to be able to handle. We had a pedi appointment scheduled for him for Friday, but I couldn't wait any longer and got him in for tomorrow... I just need for him to feel better. Colic is bad enough, I don't need reflux symptoms in full force too.

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Unknown said...

Sweet Easter pictures and I hope that you can get Z's dosage back on track.