Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dinner Impossible

What do you do when your pizza dough sticks to the pizza peel? You attempt to get it off with a spatula. What do you do when you drop your pizza off the pizza peel while attempting to get it off with a spatula? You put the mixed up pizza slop into a pie tin and hope for the best.

(and we were pleasantly surprised that it was not half bad... certainly not something I'd want to recreate, but at least it didn't go to waste)

Note to self:
Don't buy pizza dough from Trader Joe's. The dough is way too sticky and has no flavor. Impossible to work with.


beckylbranch said...

Oh wow that actually looks pretty good! I have a tendancy to BURN our pizzas!ha!

Heather said...

Just make your own dough, it's not hard at all! ;)

damien said...

We usually do.... Amanda has an AWESOME crust recipe (I think she's blogged about it before). We were just being lazy this time.

T- said...

It looks great!