Monday, April 27, 2009

He rolled over!!!

Mr. Zachary rolled over today!!! I'd do a longer post with a ton of updates but I'm seriously about to fall asleep... I just really wanted to document his first big milestone :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

He got it!

Zac finally has started playing with his toys... it's very exciting to put him under his toys and have him actually interact with them as opposed to just staring blankly (or screaming his head off that we're not holding him).

His favorite entertainment, however, is Deacon- he just LOVES his voice and watching him. It's really cute.


... means "changing"

At least that's what Deacon told me today when he got home from school. I had no choice but to believe him since I had no clue... turns out he was right. Great, my 3 year old knows more than me.

Anyways- Tanier is doing butterflies with the kids at school... they started as caterpillars and right now they're in cocoons (or as Deacon said the first day, "they're in their raccoons").

Thursday, April 23, 2009

She's such a sucker...

The weather has been in the 90's the past few days... but the water in the pool is still really cold- yet Deacon still was able to convince my mom to get there with him. She's so much nicer than me... And Deacon, of course, had so much fun splashing Grandma.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's always something...

In the past two months a lot has gone on with me... everytime one thing happens I stupidly breath a sigh of relief thinking- "what else could go wrong?"- you would think I would have learned my lesson by now and stop saying such stupid things. So let's recap these past two months:
- Multiple gallbladder attacks pre-Zac
- Twice weekly NST's pre-Zac
- False labor (two times)
- Real labor and birth of Zac
- Pink eye
- Sinus infection
- Kidney stones
- Car accident (no, I did not blog about this... I will once things are settled with the insurance)
- Tooth extraction (the current issue)

And in all of this I get the utmost sympathy and care from my husband... who never gets as much credit from me as he should. As fun as he is to tease and make fun of, he really does take care of me and I am so lucky... There always seems to be something wrong with me, or something going on, and he never seems to mind- and he's always there for me. I can imagine he often wonders what's going to come up next with me... and thankfully he never shows it or acts annoyed when there's always one more thing. Hopefully next time he's sick I'll take care of him as well as he takes care of me... unlike the last time he was sick and I made him walk Milo (LOL).

I'm also extremely lucky to have my mom here... she's been here for most of these past 2 months and there's nothing like having mom take care of you when you don't feel good. No one does it like mom.

So while I've been doped up on pain meds the past 24 hours I've been well taken care of... and really hoping that this is it for a LONG time.

Having the good time...

What we do with Zac when he's in a good mood...

Back to work!

So my maternity leave is now officially over... I went back to work on Saturday- and it's hard to count that as work because it was a really fun day for the whole family. UCLA wanted me to go scout out how Berkeley does their admit day so we all loaded in the car and drove to Berkeley for Cal Day (the picture of Deacon and the snake was taken at Cal Day).

I also had to go to an event on Sunday- but for this one I went by myself. I was worried about how Zac would do without me for more than 5 hours, but as you can see from the picture above, I think he did just fine.

He's braver than me...

Deacon was very apprehensive about this snake... but at least he got near it- I stood close enough that I was able to get a picture, but far enough away that the snake couldn't attack me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Worried about you...

This is a shot in the dark... I have no clue if you read my blog, but I need to try...

Stephanie- please email or call me. You know how to get ahold of me. Your brother, cousin Jessie, Damien and I are worried sick about you... I miss you and just want to know that you're ok. I won't ask any questions, just call and let me know you're ok- and if you need ANYTHING we're here for you.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

First pool day of the year!

Today was in the upper 80's so after naptime we got out Deacon's pool for the first time this season! He had a great time... and I love how worn out he gets from the pool!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The ice cream truck

My child is almost 4 and has never gotten ice cream from the ice cream truck... Now, in my defense, the ice cream trucks around here are rather creepy. Most of them are just old cargo vans driven by scary old men who speak no English... I don't mind that they speak no English, but I do mind the scary old man part. Occasionally, however, a real ice cream truck will drive past- and that was the case last night. So, for some reason, I got the urge to let Deacon experience his first ice cream truck ice cream treat... he was beyond thrilled. He made me run with him to the park down the street- mind you, we were both barefoot because according to him there was no time to put on shoes- we had to run, and fast.

It took a good 5 minutes to choose which ice cream he wanted, but he ultimately decided on Spiderman... and we got a ChocoTaco for daddy. Yum.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A happy day

Zac had a pretty good day today... we started a new meds routine and that might have something to do with it, but who knows. He was a bit more clingy than normal, but that's fine with me- as long as he's not screaming, I really don't mind holding him the entire day! Every nap was spent in the arms of mommy or Grandma... I actually love holding him during naptime- peaceful moments with him are often times few and far between so it's so nice to just see him lying there still and happy.

Anyways, new meds routine... we took him off the Z.antac and started P.revacid with the R.eglan. I also got some G.ripe W.ater to use instead of (or in conjunction with) M.ylicon drops. I'm happy with the new meds, but the Gr.ipe W.ater is a pain in the booty- most meds are such small doses, but this g.ripe w.ater is a full teaspoon!- and he is not a fan of that. The P.revacid seems to help, but it's only been a day, so it could all just be in my head.

He's smiling so much more lately and it's SO nice... when we're having a hard day the smiles make things a lot better...

Field trip!

Today Tanier and I took a few of the kids to Chuck E. Cheese's... they had a great time and were so well behaved. I am not a fan of CEC, but I normally go on a weekend day, so it was SO nice to go on a weekday!!! It was dead!!!

This boy sure does love his Grandma...

but let's be honest, who doesn't love Grandma? ;-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter... a few days late

The bunny came for Milo too :)

Milo being very protective of his new beaver

A rare moment of happiness on Easter Sunday...
posing with one of the toys the bunny brought him

We did an Easter egg hunt with Milo- he loves hard boiled eggs
(yes, we're crazy pet owners who do Easter egg hunts with their dog)

Grandma & Zac... kisses make everything better

Ready for bed... probably the only kid around not doped up on sugar

My peaceful boy...
I love this face- it makes me so happy to see him calm and comfortable

Today was nice, for the most part... I really love Easter so I have really high expectations of the day, which isn't always a good thing. I love the joy of hiding and finding Easter baskets and then spending the day relaxing, eating good candy, and fixing a nice meal. But this morning, instead of having a fun and relaxing time finding Easter baskets we found ourselves watching Deacon find his in a matter of less than 5 minutes and listening to Zac scream. Deacon found his so quickly because I needed to get Zac fed and Deacon really needed me to be there when he found his baskets (he was SO excited)... so we really helped Deacon a lot in finding his. Then after I fed Zac, we all took turns holding him and finding our respective baskets... and then the rest of the morning was spent holding/calming a fussy baby.

On a positive note- Deacon was SO excited that the Easter Bunny had come to his house... he was pretty oblivious to Zac's screaming and fussiness. He was also really excited about all the toys the bunny brought him- my child, oddly enough, does not like candy. So the little bit of candy the bunny brought got tossed aside rather quickly (he is SO not my child). Deacon spent the morning with Grandma and Damien playing with his new hot wheels track- he was in Heaven. The important thing is that Deacon had a great day... and he honestly did. I think I'm the only one who was miserable- and I'm assuming that's in part due to the fact that I wanted the day to be perfect (which it was for Deacon now that I look back on it) and I'm still just a touch hormonal (LOL).

Unfortunately I think Zac's medicine dosages are off- he's been growing a lot lately so it doesn't surprise me. In the past few days he's been spitting up a lot more, threw up a few times and has a lot of the other reflux symptoms back. Poor little boy gets so red faced and seems to be in so much pain- especially when he's eating. Today, for example, he's not really had a full meal at all... just lots of little snacks- it's all his tummy seems to be able to handle. We had a pedi appointment scheduled for him for Friday, but I couldn't wait any longer and got him in for tomorrow... I just need for him to feel better. Colic is bad enough, I don't need reflux symptoms in full force too.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter egg decorating

Zac enjoying the festivities

The pictures say it all... Deacon & Grandma having a great time, as usual :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big brother Deacon...

One thing I have appreciated more than anything since Zac was born is that people recognize Deacon as being a great big brother... it makes Deacon so happy when he and Zac both get a package. I really appreciate that people think of him too :)

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Frey for the clay... it provided almost 2 hours of entertainment tonight- which really helps during Zac's fussy time :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SO thankful...

The timing of my dad's visit could not have been any better... originally he had planned on coming the week prior to this but due to some scheduling conflicts, changed his mind. Then we thought he should come over Easter... but ultimately we decided on the dates he went with (duh).

First of all, the weather in this week has been PERFECT. The weather leading up to this past week was terrible and for the next week it's back to being terrible again. Because we had such great weather my dad was able to work on our backyard and get it 95% of the way finished... my dad is the #1 gardener- his yard is impeccable... he'll never admit how amazing he is with this kind of stuff, so I'll do it for him. We were very fortunate to have him help us. We now have a backyard full of produce!

Secondly, I am so thankful my dad was around yesterday... well, I'm thankful my dad and mom were around yesterday, but my mom being here was a given. Around 3:00 p.m. yesterday I started having some minor back pains... my parents had just left to take Deacon to a 2:30 showing of "Monsters vs. Alien's"... within 10 minutes I was in excruciating pain. I called Damien to come home from work to take me to the hospital. Within 5 minutes of that phone call I thought I was dying and nearly called an ambulance. I had to put Zac in his swing screaming because I just could not hold him safely. (I cannot begin to tell you how painful it is to listen to your child scream and know there is NOTHING you can do for him... and all he wants is to be held) I called my parents to come home and watch Zac... thankfully my dad stayed with Deacon at the movies and my mom came home to get Zac. Damien drove me to the ER where I was eventually diagnosed as having kidney stones. We were gone from 3:30-9:30 and in that time my parents watched our boys... My mom is an amazing person, but she couldn't have watched Zac and Deacon alone, so had my dad not been here I would have been in the hospital alone. But as it was, my dad was able to help out.

Anyways, passing a kidney stone is one of the most painful things I have ever done in my life... more so than a gallbladder attack and more so than labor... and I am so thankful I did not have to deal with that kind of pain alone. I'm also thankful I didn't have to worry one bit about my boys... I knew, with 100% certainty, that they were being well taken care of.

Dinner Impossible

What do you do when your pizza dough sticks to the pizza peel? You attempt to get it off with a spatula. What do you do when you drop your pizza off the pizza peel while attempting to get it off with a spatula? You put the mixed up pizza slop into a pie tin and hope for the best.

(and we were pleasantly surprised that it was not half bad... certainly not something I'd want to recreate, but at least it didn't go to waste)

Note to self:
Don't buy pizza dough from Trader Joe's. The dough is way too sticky and has no flavor. Impossible to work with.

Sleeping baby... the best kind of baby

I just love love love a sleeping baby... not just because it means he's not screaming or complaining (though that is a plus) but because a sleeping baby is just so peaceful and beautiful. I love it. When Zac falls asleep we don't move him... and tonight when he passed out on the pillow while I was feeding him I didn't dare move him- so I just moved myself to make dinner and he stayed all cozied up on his pillow for over an hour. Heaven!

Cloth diapering bulk...

I have to say that I do really enjoy cloth diapering... I've gotten a lot better with the diapers, mainly because I use them pretty frequently. Damien, however, has not quite perfected the art of getting these diapers to fit "trim." You can always tell when daddy put on the cloth diaper because Zac's booty is huge... and Zac looks annoyed. (ok, Zac always looks like this... but it's more fun to think he's annoyed with his diaper)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Party

We had an Easter party over at Lisa's today... Deacon had so much fun. The Easter Bunny came, the kids got to do an Easter egg hunt, they got candy and cupcakes... life is good. Oh, and my favorite part of the evening was when Lisa brought out the lady bugs she bought at the local nursery. The kids LOVED that... me, not so much, LOL.