Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's been one week since you looked at me...

My two binky boys

cloth diaper booty #1

Cloth diaper booty #2- I made this cover!!!

A front view of the diaper cover I made!!! I'm so pleased with myself!

(I couldn't resist the title... I love BNL)

I can't believe little Zac is 1 week old today... it actually has gone by pretty fast and there is a part of me that really can't remember life without this little guy. I'll be the first to admit- I am not good at the newborn stage of life... the sleep deprivation kills me more than anything. I love the cuddle time, the coo's, etc... but I really really have a hard time with the lack of sleep. I'm really trying to enjoy Zac more than I enjoyed Deacon- with Deacon I was so anxious and overwhelmed with the newborn-ness of him that I hardly sat back and enjoyed my little baby. With baby #2 I am forcing myself to be less concerned with sleep patterns, bad habits, spoiling him, etc... I'm just doing whatever feels right- which seems obvious, but I never did that with Deacon.

Zac is a pretty good baby all around... the late evenings are what we call the "witching hours"- with Deacon the witching hours were between 3:30-7ish and with Zac they start around 6:30 and end around 9:30. He loves sleeping in his swing and carseat... two things I swore I would NEVER do with Deacon... but with this one, I don't care where he sleeps as long as he sleeps, LOL. He eats really well and breastfeeding is going so much easier this time around, thank God!

Ever since Zac came home Deacon has wanted his old binky... and instead of fighting it, we just let him have it- though he's not allowed to go to bed with it. I just think it's so funny to see both boys with their pacifiers- especially the almost 4 year old who really didn't even like the binky when he was a baby!

To celebrate Zac's one week birthday we started cloth diapering today! It actually wasn't bad at all and I found it only slightly harder than using disposables. He's got a big ghetto booty, but it's super cute and fluffy- I love it.

So happy one week in this world my little Zachary... now let's get some sleep :)


Melanie said...

You sound so happy! I am so pleased to hear how well things are going. The diaper cover looks awesome too!

Anonymous said...

how cute are all of you?! I love the diaper cover :) too cute! Don't worry - Deacon will be done with his paci soon enough- sounds like you are doing a great job (and you look awesome too!)

T- said...

He's gorgeous and so is that diaper cover you made!

I am glad things are going well.

Heather said...

awww y'all are so sweet. I love the cloth diaper cover, it's sooo cute. He's a beautiful boy. Enjoy him!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cloth and what a sweetheart! Also ... YOU LOOK FABULOUS MOMMA!!!!

K said...

Make sure you buy the Barenaked Ladies children's cd--it's GREAT!!!