Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Zac

The boy loves to be outside... typically it calms him down quickly and he stays calm for a pretty long time while outside- it doesn't last for a LONG time, but certainly longer than how he reacts to our other remedies. The picture is of him on our back patio tonight... it was a gorgeous evening.

Yesterday we had a GREAT day with him... and he even went 4 hours in between one feeding last night- it was amazing. He spent most of the day sleeping or content- which is very unlike him. His tummy also appeared to not be bothering him as much.

Today was an ok day though- he was very particular about being held and eating. His eating schedule was WAY off and he was very fussy about nursing. He slept a ton but would not let us put him down. It really wasn't that bad of a day because we didn't have to hear too much screaming or fussing... but I wish I knew why he was having such an off day with his eating. And he's also not really the type of child who likes to be held so constantly. Oh well! We'll see what tomorrow brings.

For now he's asleep on Damien's chest... and I should be sleeping too- so I'm off to bed!


Catie said...

Babies get weird when they go through growth spurts. I bet in the next few days he LOOKS bigger to you. I would always get perplexed as to why the boys were "off" for a day or two and then bam...they looked chunkier or clothes were too short all of a sudden. I bet he's just growing a little.

T- said...


Unknown said...

I hope he finds his rhythm soon.

Heather said...

awww he is just sooo cute Amanda. I agree that it could be a growth spurt. Aiden would eat all the time and be fussy during them. He was just a mama's boy then lol...still is!

Unknown said...

He is so cute!!!!! And I hope things continue to improve for poor baby Zac's belly and for all of you!