Sunday, March 8, 2009

A baby story...

(get ready kids, this is a long one)

The Birth Story
March 7, 2009

We got to the hospital around 8:30 and they hooked us up to the monitor right away. Zac’s heart rate was off the charts so they delayed the start of the induction until around 10:30 when he calmed down a bit. Normally his heart rate rests around 145 but it was “resting” around 175 for that hour and a half. They also did an internal exam when I got there- and this is the part I’m still confused about… all along I’ve been told I’m about 4 cm dilated with a favorable cervix. Dr. Ketchum and the L&D nurse the day before told me I was a 4, w/a favorable cervix and also assured me that labor would go very quickly. Well, today they did an internal and the nurse said I’m at 1 cm, maybe 2. Then Dr. Yiakis comes in and starts talking about how I don’t have a very favorable cervix and if things don’t progress well they’d stop pit and send me home… it was so frustrating, but I refused to let it get to me- what’s the point, right? So I just let it go and prayed that things would work out. So anyways- I got a very low dose of pitocin a little before 10:30 and got out of bed- I really wanted to keep things moving and I knew standing would do that. I was able to work through all my early contractions quite easily. Unfortunately Zac’s little heart rate kept dropping way down during contractions while I was standing so I was sanctioned to my bed on my left side. Around 4ish my nurse did an internal exam and I was about 4 cm dilated- so Dr. Yiakis decided to break my water… and this is when all the fun started (this is also where things get really graphic, so consider this your warning). The amniotic fluid came gushing out filled with meconium- which wasn’t a big deal, but just looks disgusting. My contractions immediately picked up and by the time I was done with my second contraction post water breakage I was asking for the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and got me ready- during a contraction break I sat up and the minute I sat up I had another contraction and more amniotic fluid gushed out- not just a little… twice as much as the first time. It was so disgusting and the entire staff was in such shock they all kind of stood there for a minute. At that time the heart rate dropped and everyone freaked me out because they were all so taken aback by the amniotic fluid, the dropped heart rate, etc… Thankfully the heart rate came back immediately and calm was restored. I think getting the epidural was the worst part- I was in so much pain during the contractions and I feel like the anesthesiologist was taking forever. The anesthesiologist said she wasn’t too happy with how it went in and she might need to replace it if I didn’t go completely numb (NOT something you want to hear from your anesthesiologist, by the way). As she was telling me this, I knew it was time to push… as it so happened, my doctor was walking in at this moment, checked me and I was at a 8, so unfortunately, not quite ready to push. Zac’s heart rate dipped again so I was put on my left side… as I was going on my left side I insisted that I needed to push- I was checked again (2 minutes later) and was a 10. My doctor asked me to do a quick practice push while everyone got stuff ready and my practice push nearly got Zac out… so they were all frantic and told me not to push- well, I didn’t, but Zac still kept coming with every contraction I was having at that point. So at 5:02ish (don’t ask me why/how I know the exact time) I started pushing… and at 5:06 he was born. I don’t think I pushed more than 5 times. On top of that, the epidural definitely had not kicked in… yes, it was taking the edge off, thank God, but I could feel pain/pressure and the baby coming out. Zachary came out letting us know his lungs were quite healthy- but after he got cleaned off a little and got to resting on my chest with some blankies he fell right to sleep. It was really surprising to see a full head of very light strawberry blonde hair- Deacon had dark hair. I was also expecting to see a baby who looked like Deacon- but I honestly saw very few similarities at first. Our hospital makes it a priority that mom and baby spend the entire first hour skin to skin- and I loved that. I thought I’d know his name during this first hour, but honestly I didn’t- I spent the time just in awe that he was here. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and asked them to weigh him (knowing he was MUCH lighter than his big brother)… and our little peanut came in at 6 lbs 14 ounces.

It took about two hours for us to choose his name- and to be honest he was VERY close to being named Cole. We took votes from everyone in the room post-partum and in the end the votes were even. We finally decided to let Deacon make the ultimate choice when he came to visit- and he chose Zachary right away.

Deacon was so tired when he came to the hospital to see Zac- he spent the entire day with Aiden so by 8:30 p.m. he wasn’t too into the whole thing. He was very indifferent and wanted more so to be with me than anything- which was fine, we weren’t going to push anything. At least he commented how cute the baby is ☺

Unfortunately our hospital is pretty old so sleeping accommodations for dad are non-existent so Damien went home around midnight. I know it was hard for him to leave me and Zac… but I also know how much Deacon appreciated being able to wake up and have daddy and Grandma at home.

I never thought I’d say a birth in which the epidural did not kick in completely was perfect… but it really was perfect. I had a great time of nurses and doctors and even better- my mom and husband by my side.


Melanie said...

I'm so glad everything was perfect! Great job, mommy!

Erica said...

He is amazing, and so are you, mommy! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

hey amanda,so glad ur birth went well and didn't take any longer. the suspense was driving me nuts all weekend at work.. babies aren't usually all that cute right after birth with their mishapen heads, blotchy colors etc.. but zackary arthur is positively gorgeous and handsome to boot!!!!!!! nand i'm not just saying that, he's just perfect maybe looks like a bill?? haha just kidding, love the name.. congrads, you both do great work!!!! is this ur calling? babymaking??hehe. u made my weekend with his perfectly handsome and healthiness!!!! so giving up sleep for a while huh?!? Take care, god bless, ur cousin tracy..

Heather said...

ohhhh Congrats for the 100th time lol. Amazing story and you did such a great job. I too, had an epi that did not work at all, there wasn't time for it to work so I know how you feel lol. However, I have not complaints really,the experience was know all too well :)

He's beautiful and makes me want to do it again.....almost.

Unknown said...

FANTASTIC birth story!! I LOVE his name; absolutely perfect!

T- said...

Sounds like a great way to birth a baby. Faulty epidural aside.

Congrats on your gorgeous little man!

Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful birth story Amanda! Zachary is an awesome name. He is such a cute little leprechaun w/ his strawberry blonde hair! I'm so happy everything went well overall despite the stress. Congratulations to you and Damien and big brother Deacon!