Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Zac

The boy loves to be outside... typically it calms him down quickly and he stays calm for a pretty long time while outside- it doesn't last for a LONG time, but certainly longer than how he reacts to our other remedies. The picture is of him on our back patio tonight... it was a gorgeous evening.

Yesterday we had a GREAT day with him... and he even went 4 hours in between one feeding last night- it was amazing. He spent most of the day sleeping or content- which is very unlike him. His tummy also appeared to not be bothering him as much.

Today was an ok day though- he was very particular about being held and eating. His eating schedule was WAY off and he was very fussy about nursing. He slept a ton but would not let us put him down. It really wasn't that bad of a day because we didn't have to hear too much screaming or fussing... but I wish I knew why he was having such an off day with his eating. And he's also not really the type of child who likes to be held so constantly. Oh well! We'll see what tomorrow brings.

For now he's asleep on Damien's chest... and I should be sleeping too- so I'm off to bed!

What happens when Grandma gives Deacon a bath?

... you get to go snorkeling in the bathtub.

I got Deacon some goggles today for the pool... Grandma thought Deacon should wear them in the tub instead. I leave them alone for 10 minutes and come back to find my mom's hair pulled back with her face stuck in the water blowing bubbles while Deacon was "diving" for fish under water.

Good times...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Deacon & Zachary

I just love this picture... Deacon is such a good big brother to Zac- I couldn't be more proud of how he's adjusted to all of this. I know it's still early, but these 3 weeks have been rough and he's done so well... sometimes I think Deacon is adjusting to all of this better than me.

So time for some major updates... I'm pretty sure most of you already know this, but Zac isn't the easiest of babies. In fact, compared to Deacon, he's down right difficult... I hate to say that, but it's the truth. Pretty much from the beginning Zac has exhibited signs of reflux- but I've put off calling the pediatrician about it... finally this week I gave in and called. I talked to an advice nurse who was "pretty sure" it was NOT reflux- that he was "just" colicky. Um, ok. So I waited two days and decided her answer was wrong- so I made him an actual appointment with his pediatrician. Dr. Shah immediately diagnosed him with reflux and gave us a prescription of Reglan. This poor boy spits up and throws up after almost every feeding... he arches his back, grunts all the time, brings his knees to his chest, screams a lot, etc... classic reflux symptoms. We got him on the Reglan yesterday and in these 24 hours I've already seen a slight improvement.

Deacon is so patient with all of the crying... though I had to laugh- the other day someone asked him how Zac was doing and he said, "He cries a lot." LOL. I couldn't disagree... I just shook my head and said, "yes, he does..." I'm hoping the Reglan gives us a break from the crying and throwing up. I can certainly handle fussiness, occasional melt downs and spitting up... but it's when all of those things are happening all the time I start to have a difficult time.

I am very fortunate, however, that other than the reflux and possible colic, Zac is a healthy boy. His weight checks are all VERY good- he's up to 8 lbs 7 oz (birth weight was 6 lbs 14 oz). Damien and I did laugh though... even when Deacon lost weight after birth he was never this tiny. He is such a sweet baby when he's not uncomfortable-- I know 99% of his crying is happening because he's in pain, gassy, etc... and we feel so badly for him. I hate when he looks up at me with those sweet eyes and I know there is so little I can do to make him feel better. He's been making lots of eye contact lately and the smiles he gives are priceless (though I know these aren't real smiles yet... but hey, when you deal with a screaming baby all day, the fake smiles are AMAZING).

So wish us luck... I know things will get better- and I know that when Zac is older I'll look back on this and realize, once again, how quickly the time goes by.

A new toy... for Deacon?

My Aunt Chrissy and cousin Tracy sent Zac this cool new toy... in the package they also sent Deacon a really neat new hot wheels toy. Well, I don't know what Deacon has played with more- Zac's toy or his own new toy. Oddly enough he's enjoyed both equally, LOL. He honestly will lay there and play with this toy... we finally let Zac try it out and he's not as impressed as Deacon is, but I'm sure that will come with time :)

Check out my shoes

At hip hop class Ms. April taught them a move where they point to their shoes and say, "Check out my shoes... Check out my shoes... Check out me" (and they point to each shoe and then to themselves). So today when we bought Deacon his first pair of Vans, he just had to do his cool hip hop move to make Ms. April proud :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Zac's first bottle

I'm going out of town on business this week and obviously Zac is WAY too young to leave him without his mama... so my mom and Zac are coming with me! Thankfully I'll be able to keep Zac with me the majority of the time but there will be times when I physically will not be able to feed him... so my mom will be giving him a bottle! So tonight Damien started giving him a bottle and Deacon got SO excited and wanted to help... Zac did fairly well and ended up drinking an ounce from the bottle and then he wanted me. I'm thinking that the bottle will go over a lot better when I'm not sitting right there... but it did make me feel a ton better knowing that if he's hungry enough he'll take a bottle :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Homemade Kool-Aid Play-Dough

Today Grandma and Deacon made some Kool-Aid Play-Dough! They had a great time making it and Milo even got involved... though I'm not too sure he was pleased to end up with flour on his nose. The recipe is super simple and it's a cute idea- though I was expecting the play-dough to smell more like the kool-aid than it did... the salt and flour were definitely the over powering scents, so if you make it and really want the kool-aid smell, I'd suggest doubling that part of the recipe.

Kool-Aid Play-dough
2.5 - 3 cups flour
½ cup salt
2 pkg. Kool-Aid
2 cups boiling water
3 tbsp oil

Dissolve Kool-Aid in water. Mix all ingredients together and add more flour as needed.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Zac's artwork

Zac, unfortunately, doesn't appear as happy as his big brother was about his artwork... but trust me, when he's old enough to know what he's looking at, we're SURE he'll love it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I have the most talented mother in law!!!


A month or so ago I asked my mother in law if she would mind painting something for the nursery... I wasn't looking for anything elaborate or huge, just something special that was from her. Well, when you ask her to do something she doesn't just do it small... she goes all out- and she does it so well!!! Not only did she make something for the baby, but she made something for Deacon too- and both the paintings for the baby and for Deacon match their rooms PERFECTLY (seeing as though I sent her fabric swatches of the quilts and such)!!!

I honestly cannot get over how special these paintings are to us... Deacon LOVED his paintings and loved helping Damien hang them on his wall. Once they were on his wall he screamed down the stairs for my mom and I to come look- he was absolutely beaming with pride when he showed us. Too cute.

On top of the paintings Grammy and Grumpy got Deacon a really neat book about Transportation (the boy is a geek when it comes to vehicles and construction equipment) and a set of construction vehicles... he was in HEAVEN! For living so far away, Grammy and Grumpy sure do know what their boy likes :)

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the ones Anne did for the baby... by the time Damien had those hung Zac wasn't letting me put him down and everyone else was wrapped up in bedtime routine with Deacon. I'll get a good picture of those tomorrow.

Grandma & Deacon

This boy sure does love his Grandma... so much so that last night when I asked if I could read him stories before bedtime he said, "No mommy, I want Grandma... she's my favorite." Thanks Deacon... way to break my heart when I've got raging post-baby hormones, LOL. Seriously though, it makes me so happy that he adores all his grandparents as much as he does- especially since we live so far away.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Milo's eternal quest for the perfect sunspot...

This dog is obsessed with finding the perfect sunspot in the house... he goes around the house all day searching for one to lay in. The other day this is how I found him, LOL.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

{two of} My Favorite Boys

I just can't get over how much I love these two boys... and I love them even more for putting up with my impromptu photo shoots all the time too. Hopefully they'll continue to love posing for the camera as they get older... Deacon already gives me a limit on how many pictures I'm allowed to take. Zachary, however, doesn't verbally tell me how many I can take- he just lets me know when I'm done.

Things here are going well... we're still adjusting to the newborn-ness of Zac. How easy we forget the agony of sleep deprivation, LOL. Deacon is doing SO well with this adjustment of having the baby in the house. Thank God for my mom... she's made this so much easier on all of us. Deacon has not been deprived of ANY attention at all- in fact, I think he's gotten more attention these past 2 weeks than he's gotten in a LONG time! When my mom isn't showering him with attention, Damien and I are. Deacon does such a good job when I'm feeding Zachary- doesn't show much signs of jealousy at all... typically will just come up and ask to sit on my lap- which I always try to accommodate some how. But anyways, I know I'm so lucky to have my mom here helping... and I cannot begin to imagine how tired I would be if she wasn't here helping me {us} with everything.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's been one week since you looked at me...

My two binky boys

cloth diaper booty #1

Cloth diaper booty #2- I made this cover!!!

A front view of the diaper cover I made!!! I'm so pleased with myself!

(I couldn't resist the title... I love BNL)

I can't believe little Zac is 1 week old today... it actually has gone by pretty fast and there is a part of me that really can't remember life without this little guy. I'll be the first to admit- I am not good at the newborn stage of life... the sleep deprivation kills me more than anything. I love the cuddle time, the coo's, etc... but I really really have a hard time with the lack of sleep. I'm really trying to enjoy Zac more than I enjoyed Deacon- with Deacon I was so anxious and overwhelmed with the newborn-ness of him that I hardly sat back and enjoyed my little baby. With baby #2 I am forcing myself to be less concerned with sleep patterns, bad habits, spoiling him, etc... I'm just doing whatever feels right- which seems obvious, but I never did that with Deacon.

Zac is a pretty good baby all around... the late evenings are what we call the "witching hours"- with Deacon the witching hours were between 3:30-7ish and with Zac they start around 6:30 and end around 9:30. He loves sleeping in his swing and carseat... two things I swore I would NEVER do with Deacon... but with this one, I don't care where he sleeps as long as he sleeps, LOL. He eats really well and breastfeeding is going so much easier this time around, thank God!

Ever since Zac came home Deacon has wanted his old binky... and instead of fighting it, we just let him have it- though he's not allowed to go to bed with it. I just think it's so funny to see both boys with their pacifiers- especially the almost 4 year old who really didn't even like the binky when he was a baby!

To celebrate Zac's one week birthday we started cloth diapering today! It actually wasn't bad at all and I found it only slightly harder than using disposables. He's got a big ghetto booty, but it's super cute and fluffy- I love it.

So happy one week in this world my little Zachary... now let's get some sleep :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

First bathtime!

Zac got his first bath last night! Deacon was actually really excited to help do this and was in charge of giving Zac toys and washing Zac's feet- he took his job very seriously and by the end of bathtime the little tub was filled with huge pirate toys and we had two very clean feet. Of course Zac was relatively mortified with the process most of the time- though there were a few times when he would calm down long enough to realize that the warm water did feel good.

After bathtime Zac played games with us for a while and then played with Deacon- who just loves giving Zac his binky. Deacon even asked to hold Zac, which is a rare request around here so I was really excited about that one... it lasted all of about 20 seconds before Deacon said, "I'm all done with him now" and rolled him off his lap and onto the bed, LOL- he did, however, give him a big kiss before he did it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Star of the week

Every week at school Tanier picks a "Star of the week"- and this week it's Deacon. I could just kiss her for the perfect timing of this (which I know isn't a coincidence)- it's given him a lot of extra attention at school and at home, which he loves. Tonight we made brownies to celebrate and added some star candles- which he thought was really cool.

I'm so proud of him... I know this has to be hard on him having a new baby at home- and I know most of you reading can completely relate. I am so excited that Deacon is a big brother, but it's also really hard to go from having an only child to having two. But he's doing a really good job- and being Star of the week at school has been really fun for him too :)

Grandma & Zachary

I love Zac's expression in this one

(can you see Deacon in the background trying to get some attention?)

I am a horrible horrible daughter... my mom has been here the entire time and I am just now getting a picture of her holding Zac.

It has been SO nice having my mom here... and as much as I know she would love to be spending more time snuggling up with Zac, she is spending 95% of her time with Deacon- and I can't begin to say how much that means to me. It's just really nice knowing I don't need to worry too much about Deacon- and I know it's made this whole transition easier on him too... he's got someone showering him with as much attention as the new baby is getting! But tonight when I took these pictures Deacon was not pleased with the amount of attention Grandma was giving Zac... add to it that I was taking pictures of the process- he became REALLY needy really quick.

Hopefully I get better about picture taking over the next few weeks...

A much better welcome...

I won't lie- in the hospital Deacon didn't seem at all interested or pleased with Zachary. In fact, he seemed kind of sad about the whole thing... he was very sweet towards the baby, but he just seemed concerned about me in the hospital I guess.

I went to get Deacon from school and he was so excited to see me. When we walked into the house he saw Zac and immediately went over and showed an interest in him... which was nice that he didn't walk in and just ignore him, LOL. He certainly wasn't excited to see his baby brother, but it was a much nicer "welcome home" than I had thought Zac would get.

Deacon immediately asked to put Zac in the bouncer and proceeded to show him all the cool things the bouncer did- and when Deacon was all done he gave Zac a kiss goodbye. It melted my heart- which isn't hard with these pregnancy hormones. Then when Zac was having a melt down due to the diaper change Deacon immediately grabbed his binky and put it in his mouth- and held it there the entire time... it was the sweetest thing and Deacon was so pleased he got Zac to quit crying.

Well, there's a lot more I could update you on, but Damien is holding the sleeping baby and I should be sleeping along with him too.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Little Zac

A baby story...

(get ready kids, this is a long one)

The Birth Story
March 7, 2009

We got to the hospital around 8:30 and they hooked us up to the monitor right away. Zac’s heart rate was off the charts so they delayed the start of the induction until around 10:30 when he calmed down a bit. Normally his heart rate rests around 145 but it was “resting” around 175 for that hour and a half. They also did an internal exam when I got there- and this is the part I’m still confused about… all along I’ve been told I’m about 4 cm dilated with a favorable cervix. Dr. Ketchum and the L&D nurse the day before told me I was a 4, w/a favorable cervix and also assured me that labor would go very quickly. Well, today they did an internal and the nurse said I’m at 1 cm, maybe 2. Then Dr. Yiakis comes in and starts talking about how I don’t have a very favorable cervix and if things don’t progress well they’d stop pit and send me home… it was so frustrating, but I refused to let it get to me- what’s the point, right? So I just let it go and prayed that things would work out. So anyways- I got a very low dose of pitocin a little before 10:30 and got out of bed- I really wanted to keep things moving and I knew standing would do that. I was able to work through all my early contractions quite easily. Unfortunately Zac’s little heart rate kept dropping way down during contractions while I was standing so I was sanctioned to my bed on my left side. Around 4ish my nurse did an internal exam and I was about 4 cm dilated- so Dr. Yiakis decided to break my water… and this is when all the fun started (this is also where things get really graphic, so consider this your warning). The amniotic fluid came gushing out filled with meconium- which wasn’t a big deal, but just looks disgusting. My contractions immediately picked up and by the time I was done with my second contraction post water breakage I was asking for the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and got me ready- during a contraction break I sat up and the minute I sat up I had another contraction and more amniotic fluid gushed out- not just a little… twice as much as the first time. It was so disgusting and the entire staff was in such shock they all kind of stood there for a minute. At that time the heart rate dropped and everyone freaked me out because they were all so taken aback by the amniotic fluid, the dropped heart rate, etc… Thankfully the heart rate came back immediately and calm was restored. I think getting the epidural was the worst part- I was in so much pain during the contractions and I feel like the anesthesiologist was taking forever. The anesthesiologist said she wasn’t too happy with how it went in and she might need to replace it if I didn’t go completely numb (NOT something you want to hear from your anesthesiologist, by the way). As she was telling me this, I knew it was time to push… as it so happened, my doctor was walking in at this moment, checked me and I was at a 8, so unfortunately, not quite ready to push. Zac’s heart rate dipped again so I was put on my left side… as I was going on my left side I insisted that I needed to push- I was checked again (2 minutes later) and was a 10. My doctor asked me to do a quick practice push while everyone got stuff ready and my practice push nearly got Zac out… so they were all frantic and told me not to push- well, I didn’t, but Zac still kept coming with every contraction I was having at that point. So at 5:02ish (don’t ask me why/how I know the exact time) I started pushing… and at 5:06 he was born. I don’t think I pushed more than 5 times. On top of that, the epidural definitely had not kicked in… yes, it was taking the edge off, thank God, but I could feel pain/pressure and the baby coming out. Zachary came out letting us know his lungs were quite healthy- but after he got cleaned off a little and got to resting on my chest with some blankies he fell right to sleep. It was really surprising to see a full head of very light strawberry blonde hair- Deacon had dark hair. I was also expecting to see a baby who looked like Deacon- but I honestly saw very few similarities at first. Our hospital makes it a priority that mom and baby spend the entire first hour skin to skin- and I loved that. I thought I’d know his name during this first hour, but honestly I didn’t- I spent the time just in awe that he was here. I finally couldn’t stand it any longer and asked them to weigh him (knowing he was MUCH lighter than his big brother)… and our little peanut came in at 6 lbs 14 ounces.

It took about two hours for us to choose his name- and to be honest he was VERY close to being named Cole. We took votes from everyone in the room post-partum and in the end the votes were even. We finally decided to let Deacon make the ultimate choice when he came to visit- and he chose Zachary right away.

Deacon was so tired when he came to the hospital to see Zac- he spent the entire day with Aiden so by 8:30 p.m. he wasn’t too into the whole thing. He was very indifferent and wanted more so to be with me than anything- which was fine, we weren’t going to push anything. At least he commented how cute the baby is ☺

Unfortunately our hospital is pretty old so sleeping accommodations for dad are non-existent so Damien went home around midnight. I know it was hard for him to leave me and Zac… but I also know how much Deacon appreciated being able to wake up and have daddy and Grandma at home.

I never thought I’d say a birth in which the epidural did not kick in completely was perfect… but it really was perfect. I had a great time of nurses and doctors and even better- my mom and husband by my side.