Sunday, February 8, 2009


I feel like I haven't done a thing right tonight and am having a huge pity party for myself...

First I take Deacon to Target to buy a fun new game to play... he screamed and cried because he didn't want a game, he wanted a cool toy. Chutes and Ladders looks boring.

We get home and I make pot pie... which I screw up by not adding enough spices.

Then I try to make another soaker... messed that up.

Then I try to make baby legs- I can SO make those... nope.

Try again at another soaker- I *will* figure out this pattern... I broke the sewing machine.


(excuse my language)

And I still have this stupid cold.


... ok, well at least Damien and my mom (via telephone) fixed the sewing machine.


Unknown said...

(((hugs))) Hope your day is better! What is a soaker?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! We have all had those days :( I hope tomorrow is much better!

T- said...

Somedays it is just best to go back to bed and wait for tomorrow!


Adrianne said...

My kids HATE Chutes and Ladders!! Good thing you didn't waste your $$!