Friday, February 6, 2009

Sewing projects...

So I really want to continue getting better with my sewing. I've mastered Baby Leggings- HOORAY! I'm really pleased with myself, but there are only so many baby leggings that baby boy needs. I wanted to move on to something a little more challenging so I decided to try a soaker pattern- a soaker is something you put over a certain type of cloth diapers. Here is the pattern and what a good soaker looks like. Now, mine is nowhere near as nice, but it's my first attempt at doing anything on my own from start to finish. With the baby leggings my mom taught me and did the first few with me... and now I can do them by myself. With the soaker I did it from start to finish all by myself. I'm going to keep working on it- hopefully I'll get better, LOL. This pair is ok but they're quite uneven, HA!

It took me over an hour and by the time I was done I wanted to cry because I was just so sick of it... but it's ok- I *WILL* get better and I will keep practicing... but not this weekend, LOL. Maybe I'll make some more baby legs.

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Martha said...

They look GREAT -- way to go!!!