Friday, February 6, 2009

No eating out... Day 6

So far so good! I'm so proud of us!- though weekdays generally aren't big problems for us... though I guess we do go out to lunch a lot. We've tried 3 new recipes this week (the pot roast pictured above is one of them) which has made the process more fun. It's a hard adjustment- and there are a lot of grey areas... for example, on Friday's Damien and Deacon always get donuts- they get them at Safeway for super cheap. The alternative, of course, is that we could buy a box of donuts- but then we're buying a big box of donuts for double (or more than double) the cost of the few D&D get individually and then we're left with more donuts throughout the week and weekend... many wouldn't see a problem with this, but I want donut day to be special and how is it special when we've got donuts in the house all week? Plus, we don't need more than one days worth of donuts. Anyways... it just goes to show that it's not as easy as saying "no eating out" and being done with it- it's surprising to us how much thought we've had to put into it.

Originally I started this goal with the intention of saving money... but there really is a lot more to it than that. Growing up eating was a special treat- I still remember how excited I would get when my mom and dad would suggest we eat at McDonalds. But to Deacon, it's a given... nothing too exciting. He asks for McDonalds or "Red Tweet" (Red Robin) and if it's a weekend (or a week night when we're tired) we'll typically say yes. I also feel as though eating at home brings the family together a bit more and it seems a lot more familial as opposed to eating in a crowded restaurant or sitting around our table at home with bags of McDonalds to-go.

But Dawn and I got to talking today... it's somewhat unreasonable to think that you can go an entire month without eating out. Why? Because unless everyone in your life is doing this challenge with you, you will get invites to eat out... in Dawn's case, a very close friend who is sick invited her to lunch today. You don't say no to invites like that. In Damien's case, all his co-workers are going out to eat for someone's last day at work... you don't say no to an invite like that either. It's important to recognize those situations as special occasions and value the fact that you are eating out... and when you haven't eaten out in a long time those moments of celebrating or spending time with a friend at a good restaurant are probably going to be more significant for you.

At the end of the month we'll have saved a lot of money but we'll also have a higher appreciation for things we used to take for granted... and hopefully we'll have tried out a lot of cool new recipes in the process :)

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