Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I cannot tell you how much I needed to get a happy package tonight... I'm on day 13 of this cold/flu/bronchitis/sinusitis and then last night and into this morning I'm dealing with gallbladder attacks. This afternoon my ob wanted me to go into Labor and Delivery because of my gallbladder and they kept me until around 7... and then driving home there was a huge accident on the highway so it took over an hour to get home- which made it so that we couldn't get to the pharmacy before they closed. By the time we got home I was in a horrible horrible mood- and then on our porch was a package from Goores (baby store).


Not just any diaper bag- "The Mothership" diaper bag. I love this bag!!!

I thought it was so sweet of them- THANK YOU GUYS!!! It seriously made my night. I'm assuming Mike, Matt and John picked it out?

So yeah- mini update...
Went to Urgent Care on Monday... I've got sinusitis and bronchitis. Got an antibiotic and am finally feeling some relief today (Wednesday, day 13).
Baby and I are both fine after a handful of gallbladder attacks over the past 24 hours... I'm on a super bland diet and left labor and delivery with prescription pain meds for when/if I get another attack. Not sure why I haven't had this drug all along... but I was honestly too tired and crabby to ask that question tonight.
We have an amazing daycare provider... she kept Deacon late tonight and was even going to take him to her Grandma's birthday party with her family if we weren't able to come get him by 6:00. She did all this willingly and happily. When Damien picked him up at 6 Deacon didn't want to leave- that's how much he adores her and her family. We are so fortunate to have them in our lives.

I'm going to bed now... I think I might even sleep with my diaper bag.


Unknown said...

TOTALLY SWEET diaper bag!! I hope that you feel better soon!! You've been sick for far too long.

T- said...

I adore that diaper bag!