Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He'd rather go to McDonalds...

So tonight I was talking to Deacon about how next Friday was going to work out... I explained that we'd take him to school and then mommy and daddy would go to the hospital and have a baby- and then I told him that when Grandma picked him up from school he might be able to come see the baby. He immediately stopped me and said, "No thank you mommy... I don't want to go see the baby- I want to go to McDonalds with Grandma and then go home and play." So I said that they could go to McDonalds, but then afterwards they should come visit mommy and the baby- and he said, "Um, no, how about we just go home to play."

As much as I know he'll be a good big brother, he is so not interested in this baby coming, LOL. He's 100 times more excited about Grandma coming next week and I have a feeling Grandma is going to have to bribe him to even go to the hospital to visit us.

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Unknown said...

LOL! That's usually the way it works. He'll be VERY excited when he finally gets to meet this mystery baby.