Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I woke up this morning feeling a touch better, but still not 100%... the worst part was still the congestion, which sucks because Damien had planned on making me this nice breakfast- it's silly to make a big fancy breakfast when you can't taste it, so we opted for simplicity and I had toast while the boys ate donuts (which was part of Deacon's v-day gift from us). Deacon was really pleased with his gift of M&M's and donuts (and a Thomas card) from us and was really excited about going to Aiden's Valentines Day party from the minute he woke up.

We went over to Dawn's and the kids had a great time playing together- everyone was on their best behavior... which isn't an everyday thing when you get 14 kids in one house together! The house was decorated so cute and all the food was delicious as always. This was my first outing in over a week- and my friends are nice enough to let me come around them despite the fact that I'm still a little sick. By the end of the part my body was DONE... but it was worth it. I was thinking about it and the next time I see some of them is when I'll have a new BABY! Wow.

This evening was really low key for us... I wasn't feeling well at all and Deacon didn't nap so we just hung out around the house. Damien made us heart shaped pizza which looked good and felt good in my mouth but I couldn't taste it so I have no clue if it really was good :)

For Valentines Day this year we really wanted to not spend any/much money so we had to get creative. I was in Target the other day when I saw the same box of chocolates that Damien had given me on our first Valentines Day- so I got that for him (in the dark chocolate variety as opposed to the milk chocolate variety he had given me)... it was the Dove chocolate candies which are AMAZING and I guess I'm a little thankful I can't taste them or else I probably would have eaten half of them with him today ;-) Damien was super creative and crafty- he had found this tutorial on book binding and made me a little book! It's super cute and entirely homemade...

Overall a very good Valentines Day :)


Unknown said...

What a fun day!!

T- said...

A homemade Valentine?!? Sooooo sweet!

Theresa said...

Damien is so creative! I hope you are feeling better soon! Chris commented after we left the party that he "really likes Damien". You look great too Amanda!!