Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun updates!

Counting his teeth like the dentist did!- he's got 20!

Showing off how good he was at the dentist...

Update #1 - Deacon goes to the dentist!
So first of all, I know how horrible it is that Deacon is almost 4 and we are just now talking about visiting the dentist... it's just something we've put off- which is stupid given my history of bad teeth. It's hard with two working parents trying to find time to make appointments like this- so we've just always put it on the back burner since he's never complained about his teeth hurting. Well, I finally broke down and made the appointment since I knew once baby boy got here there would be even less chance I'd have the time to take Deacon. We found a great dentist who came highly recommended and from the minute we walked in Deacon had a great time. The dentist was so friendly and Deacon thought it was so cool to learn that he had 20 teeth :) He got to choose a new toothbrush (Diego), a sticker (Backyardigans) and a prize (a pink jet). No cavities and no issues (other than his teeth being really close together... which isn't our fault and isn't anything we can fix!).

Update #2 - Almost a month of no eating out!!!
We're almost done with our month and I'm proud to say that we have only eaten out one time- and it was a necessity, in my opinion... and I'm going to extend the challenge one day just to make up for that one day. I'll give my full opinion on this challenge when it's all over... but suffice to say I'm really happy with the results and plan to continue with very minimal eating out when we're all done with this month.

Update #3 - WE'RE HAVING A BABY!
I'm pretty sure you all knew that the baby was coming soon... but today we got an official date of eviction! Unless baby boy comes on his own, we're set for an induction next Friday, March 6th. The good thing about inducing early is that we're able to set an earlier date for removing my wonderful gallbladder- which can happen 6 weeks after delivery. Anyways, we're super excited and getting a touch nervous because it's starting to be REALLY real now, LOL. My last day of work is this Friday! Hooray!

I think that's all for now... Happy Fat Tuesday- I wish I was celebrating in style, but having gastric bypass surgery kind of limits the festivities :)


damien said...

What do you mean limits on fat tuesday?!? A few GS cookies and a bowl of soup is celebrating in style!!! Love you, and there's no need to be nervous. Life just keeps getting more interesting! Go team!

Unknown said...

YEAH for all of the great news!

Samantha said...

Yay for an eviction date! :)

Adrianne said...

OMG your having a baby!! That is a week away!!! OMG!! I am so excited for you!!!

Unknown said...

March 6th?! ONE more week!!!Awesome! :-)