Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 1 of no eating out... and art work

I honestly had every intention of being super productive this weekend... and in my head I thought that even if I wasn't REALLY productive I'd at least be somewhat productive. I set my standards WAY too high. I did get grocery shopping complete- which is a pretty big task since it includes meal planning, checking for ingredients, grocery list compiling, coupon clipping, etc... and then actually going to Safeway and Costco to buy everything :) So we did that today, so I'll be happy.

We don't have very many weekends left with just the 3 of us sitting around and being lazy so I should probably just settle down and enjoy it. This morning Deacon asked if he could paint- we are really bad parents and typically say no to paint... it's just so messy. But this morning I was feeling generous and got out all his paint- he was in heaven. I feel bad that I don't let him do this more often... so I vowed this morning to let him paint a lot more from here on out.

Today was also day 1 of our no eating out challenge... and as with everything else I've had planned this weekend, I had high standards for how day one would look. I thought I'd prepare a fun meal for breakfast, lunch and for dinner. Breakfast? Ego Waffles. Lunch? English muffin pizzas. Dinner? Boxed Mac & Cheese. But hey, at least we didn't eat out.


Unknown said...

LOVE the artwork!! YOu have quite the artist there.

T- said...

We haven't eaten out in a week. It is a huge challenge, but we are doing it!