Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby boy update

NST #3 was a little more eventful than #1 & 2... baby was active and healthy, looking great- though a little slower than normal, which was a VERY welcome surprise :) Half way into the test the nurse asked if I was feeling ok... to which I told her I didn't feel great, but have a cold so that explains it. She said my uterus was irritable and I was having a few real contractions in between the irritable uterus bouts... she said that it seemed as though I was just dehydrated and she was sure it would all go away once I drank a ton of water. So I came home, drank water and rested- and it did help... though this stupid cold is still making me feel rather crappy.

I'm 35 weeks today and I'm still in denial about it... though I think I've calmed down a bit in regards to what all needs to be done. I think Damien's carefree attitude about the entire thing is helping me not really worry about what we don't have or haven't finished, LOL. I am a bit nervous about what we'll do if I go into labor before my mom shows up... thankfully we have a few amazing friends who have agreed to help out with Deacon if necessary - though I pray that they either won't be needed at all or if they are needed it is at a reasonable hour of the day/night.

Baby boy is still a kicking machine... hasn't really slowed down in that department (except this morning's test) and thankfully I'm getting used to it :) We're about 90% sure of his name, though we're still not announcing it to the general public yet... I plan on going to the hospital with a list of all the names we love and figuring it out once he's born. I figure he's been nameless this long, what's a little bit longer?

Work is starting to pick up a little bit more- March is a VERY busy month in admissions. I'm busy trying to prioritize things I can and cannot say yes to- most recently I agreed to a full day event in Oakland on March 3rd (kinda dumb of me, I know) and about a week ago did NOT agree to a full day event hosted here in Sacramento on March 12 (day before our due date). I think my last day of work will be the 9th... but who knows. My goal is to stop travelling after the event on the 3rd... and pray that baby boy takes to all the car trips well.

So that's that... my irritable uterus and I are off to bed.

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Unknown said...

YEAH for irritable uterus' ... means progress to me! You DO have a contact right??