Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Francesca!

Damien battling it out with Tanier

Don't worry Tanier, Sundi's got your back... Damien's not that tough guys!

This afternoon was Francesca's birthday party- held at a local bounce house. Deacon has gone to school with Francesca since he was a baby so he was very excited to go see all his friends on the weekend. It was a great party- almost everyone from school came, so it was a huge social hour for all of us. On top of the kids having a great time in the bounce houses, Damien, Tanier and Sundi couldn't stay out of them either- which the kids LOVED. And since none of the bounce houses had a warning sign against pregnant women bouncing I got in a few times and even slid down the slide... which I'm sure looked really funny.

With no nap and 2 hours at Bounce land (or whatever it's called) I think it's safe to assume that Deacon will sleep well tonight... as will Damien.

A morning at the park...

Deacon asked to go to the park this morning and since we had no reason not to, we all got dressed and walked on over! It was slightly overcast, but really pleasant outside. It's funny watching him on all the equipment- I remember when we first started letting him climb up the "big blue tower" and how terrified I was of him falling off. Now he climbs up the thing so fast without a care in the world. I always forget he's not a baby anymore and his balancing skills and coordination has improved greatly over the years...

Friday, February 27, 2009

38 weeks!

34 weeks

38 weeks

One more week to go!!! I keep trying methods to get baby boy to come out on his own... but the funny thing is that I have more "real" contractions when I'm sitting and doing nothing. The other day I had them 10 minutes apart and so I got up to encourage them along- I took a walk and BAM, they were gone. Happens everytime I go to the gym too- I spend all morning feeling crampy and then I work out and feel 100% (ok, 100% for a pregnant woman) for a few solid hours.

But that's ok, my mom is coming on Thursday so I'm hoping he holds out until then :) Yikes- one week from today and he should hopefully be here!!! Wow.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey girl, you are beautiful...

Not sure how many of you used to read or still read my weight loss surgery blog... I'm assuming many of you used to be more loyal to following the blog but might have stopped due the fact that I never posted- so I thought I'd let you know that I just did a really big post over there and hope that my activity increases a lot on that blog in the next month :)

Hey girl, you are beautiful

He'd rather go to McDonalds...

So tonight I was talking to Deacon about how next Friday was going to work out... I explained that we'd take him to school and then mommy and daddy would go to the hospital and have a baby- and then I told him that when Grandma picked him up from school he might be able to come see the baby. He immediately stopped me and said, "No thank you mommy... I don't want to go see the baby- I want to go to McDonalds with Grandma and then go home and play." So I said that they could go to McDonalds, but then afterwards they should come visit mommy and the baby- and he said, "Um, no, how about we just go home to play."

As much as I know he'll be a good big brother, he is so not interested in this baby coming, LOL. He's 100 times more excited about Grandma coming next week and I have a feeling Grandma is going to have to bribe him to even go to the hospital to visit us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fun updates!

Counting his teeth like the dentist did!- he's got 20!

Showing off how good he was at the dentist...

Update #1 - Deacon goes to the dentist!
So first of all, I know how horrible it is that Deacon is almost 4 and we are just now talking about visiting the dentist... it's just something we've put off- which is stupid given my history of bad teeth. It's hard with two working parents trying to find time to make appointments like this- so we've just always put it on the back burner since he's never complained about his teeth hurting. Well, I finally broke down and made the appointment since I knew once baby boy got here there would be even less chance I'd have the time to take Deacon. We found a great dentist who came highly recommended and from the minute we walked in Deacon had a great time. The dentist was so friendly and Deacon thought it was so cool to learn that he had 20 teeth :) He got to choose a new toothbrush (Diego), a sticker (Backyardigans) and a prize (a pink jet). No cavities and no issues (other than his teeth being really close together... which isn't our fault and isn't anything we can fix!).

Update #2 - Almost a month of no eating out!!!
We're almost done with our month and I'm proud to say that we have only eaten out one time- and it was a necessity, in my opinion... and I'm going to extend the challenge one day just to make up for that one day. I'll give my full opinion on this challenge when it's all over... but suffice to say I'm really happy with the results and plan to continue with very minimal eating out when we're all done with this month.

Update #3 - WE'RE HAVING A BABY!
I'm pretty sure you all knew that the baby was coming soon... but today we got an official date of eviction! Unless baby boy comes on his own, we're set for an induction next Friday, March 6th. The good thing about inducing early is that we're able to set an earlier date for removing my wonderful gallbladder- which can happen 6 weeks after delivery. Anyways, we're super excited and getting a touch nervous because it's starting to be REALLY real now, LOL. My last day of work is this Friday! Hooray!

I think that's all for now... Happy Fat Tuesday- I wish I was celebrating in style, but having gastric bypass surgery kind of limits the festivities :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy early birthday to me :)

The whole point of cloth diapering is to save money... so I've been really good about finding really good deals and not buying the super cute top of the line diapers. But I saw a custom made diaper on a baby the other day that said "Hands off me booty" and fell in love with it... I found out where she had it made and had one made :) It wasn't horribly expensive either, but I still felt bad buying it just for the heck of it... and Damien has such a hard time figuring out what to get me for my birthday each year, so I figured I'd just do him the favor and order this for my birthday. We both win!!!


"We have 3 Dora cards and add 1... how many do we have?"


Deacon has been really showing an interest in math lately... mainly adding things. I really don't have any clue how to teach elementary (pre-school) math- so I'm doing what seems logical and using different objects and letting him add them. So every night after game time we take the Dora Memory cards and add them up- i.e. we have 2 Dora cards and add 1 Dora card, how many Dora cards do we have? He loves it and gets so excited when he's right. He's such his daddy's boy...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I cannot tell you how much I needed to get a happy package tonight... I'm on day 13 of this cold/flu/bronchitis/sinusitis and then last night and into this morning I'm dealing with gallbladder attacks. This afternoon my ob wanted me to go into Labor and Delivery because of my gallbladder and they kept me until around 7... and then driving home there was a huge accident on the highway so it took over an hour to get home- which made it so that we couldn't get to the pharmacy before they closed. By the time we got home I was in a horrible horrible mood- and then on our porch was a package from Goores (baby store).


Not just any diaper bag- "The Mothership" diaper bag. I love this bag!!!

I thought it was so sweet of them- THANK YOU GUYS!!! It seriously made my night. I'm assuming Mike, Matt and John picked it out?

So yeah- mini update...
Went to Urgent Care on Monday... I've got sinusitis and bronchitis. Got an antibiotic and am finally feeling some relief today (Wednesday, day 13).
Baby and I are both fine after a handful of gallbladder attacks over the past 24 hours... I'm on a super bland diet and left labor and delivery with prescription pain meds for when/if I get another attack. Not sure why I haven't had this drug all along... but I was honestly too tired and crabby to ask that question tonight.
We have an amazing daycare provider... she kept Deacon late tonight and was even going to take him to her Grandma's birthday party with her family if we weren't able to come get him by 6:00. She did all this willingly and happily. When Damien picked him up at 6 Deacon didn't want to leave- that's how much he adores her and her family. We are so fortunate to have them in our lives.

I'm going to bed now... I think I might even sleep with my diaper bag.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I woke up this morning feeling a touch better, but still not 100%... the worst part was still the congestion, which sucks because Damien had planned on making me this nice breakfast- it's silly to make a big fancy breakfast when you can't taste it, so we opted for simplicity and I had toast while the boys ate donuts (which was part of Deacon's v-day gift from us). Deacon was really pleased with his gift of M&M's and donuts (and a Thomas card) from us and was really excited about going to Aiden's Valentines Day party from the minute he woke up.

We went over to Dawn's and the kids had a great time playing together- everyone was on their best behavior... which isn't an everyday thing when you get 14 kids in one house together! The house was decorated so cute and all the food was delicious as always. This was my first outing in over a week- and my friends are nice enough to let me come around them despite the fact that I'm still a little sick. By the end of the part my body was DONE... but it was worth it. I was thinking about it and the next time I see some of them is when I'll have a new BABY! Wow.

This evening was really low key for us... I wasn't feeling well at all and Deacon didn't nap so we just hung out around the house. Damien made us heart shaped pizza which looked good and felt good in my mouth but I couldn't taste it so I have no clue if it really was good :)

For Valentines Day this year we really wanted to not spend any/much money so we had to get creative. I was in Target the other day when I saw the same box of chocolates that Damien had given me on our first Valentines Day- so I got that for him (in the dark chocolate variety as opposed to the milk chocolate variety he had given me)... it was the Dove chocolate candies which are AMAZING and I guess I'm a little thankful I can't taste them or else I probably would have eaten half of them with him today ;-) Damien was super creative and crafty- he had found this tutorial on book binding and made me a little book! It's super cute and entirely homemade...

Overall a very good Valentines Day :)

Friday, February 13, 2009


This is what I get for leaving a clean child unattended (for less than one minute) with bathtub crayons...

So thankfully since I blogged last my week has gotten better. I am still really sick, but at least I'm not breaking things and feeling sorry for myself all the time. I've been sick now for exactly a week... and for the past 2 days I thought I was getting better and then last night I got worse again. I'm not sure what's going on, but it's getting old. All along my PCP and the advice nurse at my ob's office told me not to take anything strong- so I've been on really wimpy drugs that do nothing. Well, I had my regular weekly appointment with my ob yesterday and he was horrified that I wasn't taking anything stronger... he said that since I only have 4 weeks to go and he knows I'm not going to go home and "OD" then I can take whatever I want (not including asprin and motrin). So I excitedly took Nyquil last night... and it helped for an hour.

Baby boy is doing well... moving around a ton still. I can tell he's a bit annoyed with his lack of space- he keeps doing these funny stretches where his legs go to one side of my tummy and his arms stretch out on the bottom side of my tummy... it makes my stomach look really interesting. There's been no more concern about him being too small... he will, more than likely, be a smaller baby, but that's ok. I'm 1cm dilated but the ob said he's still really high up and seems quite comfy where he is. Good- I'm not ready for him to get here yet! I want at least one more week- but I'd prefer he just wait until Grandma got here in March.

Deacon is also doing well. He's been so good about his job chart- it's really been great that he's taking responsibility for things around the house. This week he asked for his prize to be this amazing Hot Wheels toy he saw on t.v.- which is way too expensive for a weekly prize. So I told him that we would give him $5 for the toy and he could pay for the rest with the money he's saved. Well, he was so concerned he wouldn't have enough money that after I left his room (we were having this discussion while snuggling before bedtime) he got out of bed, took down his bank, dumped all his money out on the floor and tried counting it. I didn't hear him at first- but he started getting frustrated that he didn't know how much money he had- so I went in to see him red faced, exhausted and counting money. It melted my heart- I told him that he, of course, had plenty of money to buy the Hot Wheels toy- and now it's all he's talked about all week. He's so excited.

Oh, and the no eating out challenge is going really well. Damien has eaten out this week- but he didn't pay for it and it was a going away lunch for a co-worker. Deacon did throw a mini-temper tantrum last night because he wanted to go to McDonalds, but he got over it. Honestly it's not been too hard. I don't know if it's because I'm sick and not in the mood to eat anything or what... but it's honestly not been too bad.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I feel like I haven't done a thing right tonight and am having a huge pity party for myself...

First I take Deacon to Target to buy a fun new game to play... he screamed and cried because he didn't want a game, he wanted a cool toy. Chutes and Ladders looks boring.

We get home and I make pot pie... which I screw up by not adding enough spices.

Then I try to make another soaker... messed that up.

Then I try to make baby legs- I can SO make those... nope.

Try again at another soaker- I *will* figure out this pattern... I broke the sewing machine.


(excuse my language)

And I still have this stupid cold.


... ok, well at least Damien and my mom (via telephone) fixed the sewing machine.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aside from being sick...

Today was a good day. I'm still dealing with the cold that Deacon (and the rest of his daycare) had and just felt really run down today... when I woke up I was convinced that I wouldn't get anything done today- which means (no offense, Damien) that nothing would get since Damien would want to just hang out too. Damien woke up grumpy so instead of listening to Deacon and Damien fighting downstairs I volunteered to just wake up with our early riser... and Deacon surprised me with letting me sleep on the couch while he just hung out and played. I never really fell asleep but started feeling a lot better so I started some laundry and got annoyed with how messy our laundry room had gotten- so I organized it. By then Damien woke up and we all got dressed and went to the Farmers Market in Davis- which was a total bust. They had tons of oranges, but nothing else really... so we hung out at the park for a while and came home. By then I wasn't feeling well at all so Deacon and I took a nap. Damien turned on his helpful hat and surprised me by completely organizing my UCLA shelf in the garage (I can't lift the boxes) and organizing Deacon's art supplies too... he then came in and totally cleaned the kitchen. After naptime we decided to be nice parents again and got out the paint supplies. Since it was so nice we took it all outside- which Deacon loved (though he wasn't pleased when we made him at least put on a shirt and undies). Damien got even more done outside- mowed the lawn, picked up poop and helped Deacon paint.

I finally drug myself out of the chair around 4 so I could make dinner... I wanted to try a new pizza crust recipe so I chose one of the top rated recipes from (a favorite site of mine). Jay's Signature Crust turned out really well- I liked that it was chewy and crispy. Elise's dough is still my favorite, but Jay's is a real close second.

So now I'm in bed and feeling like I could OD on cough drops... someone really needs to come up with a cold medicine that's safe to take while pregnant. I would kiss that person.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby boy update

NST #3 was a little more eventful than #1 & 2... baby was active and healthy, looking great- though a little slower than normal, which was a VERY welcome surprise :) Half way into the test the nurse asked if I was feeling ok... to which I told her I didn't feel great, but have a cold so that explains it. She said my uterus was irritable and I was having a few real contractions in between the irritable uterus bouts... she said that it seemed as though I was just dehydrated and she was sure it would all go away once I drank a ton of water. So I came home, drank water and rested- and it did help... though this stupid cold is still making me feel rather crappy.

I'm 35 weeks today and I'm still in denial about it... though I think I've calmed down a bit in regards to what all needs to be done. I think Damien's carefree attitude about the entire thing is helping me not really worry about what we don't have or haven't finished, LOL. I am a bit nervous about what we'll do if I go into labor before my mom shows up... thankfully we have a few amazing friends who have agreed to help out with Deacon if necessary - though I pray that they either won't be needed at all or if they are needed it is at a reasonable hour of the day/night.

Baby boy is still a kicking machine... hasn't really slowed down in that department (except this morning's test) and thankfully I'm getting used to it :) We're about 90% sure of his name, though we're still not announcing it to the general public yet... I plan on going to the hospital with a list of all the names we love and figuring it out once he's born. I figure he's been nameless this long, what's a little bit longer?

Work is starting to pick up a little bit more- March is a VERY busy month in admissions. I'm busy trying to prioritize things I can and cannot say yes to- most recently I agreed to a full day event in Oakland on March 3rd (kinda dumb of me, I know) and about a week ago did NOT agree to a full day event hosted here in Sacramento on March 12 (day before our due date). I think my last day of work will be the 9th... but who knows. My goal is to stop travelling after the event on the 3rd... and pray that baby boy takes to all the car trips well.

So that's that... my irritable uterus and I are off to bed.

No eating out... Day 6

So far so good! I'm so proud of us!- though weekdays generally aren't big problems for us... though I guess we do go out to lunch a lot. We've tried 3 new recipes this week (the pot roast pictured above is one of them) which has made the process more fun. It's a hard adjustment- and there are a lot of grey areas... for example, on Friday's Damien and Deacon always get donuts- they get them at Safeway for super cheap. The alternative, of course, is that we could buy a box of donuts- but then we're buying a big box of donuts for double (or more than double) the cost of the few D&D get individually and then we're left with more donuts throughout the week and weekend... many wouldn't see a problem with this, but I want donut day to be special and how is it special when we've got donuts in the house all week? Plus, we don't need more than one days worth of donuts. Anyways... it just goes to show that it's not as easy as saying "no eating out" and being done with it- it's surprising to us how much thought we've had to put into it.

Originally I started this goal with the intention of saving money... but there really is a lot more to it than that. Growing up eating was a special treat- I still remember how excited I would get when my mom and dad would suggest we eat at McDonalds. But to Deacon, it's a given... nothing too exciting. He asks for McDonalds or "Red Tweet" (Red Robin) and if it's a weekend (or a week night when we're tired) we'll typically say yes. I also feel as though eating at home brings the family together a bit more and it seems a lot more familial as opposed to eating in a crowded restaurant or sitting around our table at home with bags of McDonalds to-go.

But Dawn and I got to talking today... it's somewhat unreasonable to think that you can go an entire month without eating out. Why? Because unless everyone in your life is doing this challenge with you, you will get invites to eat out... in Dawn's case, a very close friend who is sick invited her to lunch today. You don't say no to invites like that. In Damien's case, all his co-workers are going out to eat for someone's last day at work... you don't say no to an invite like that either. It's important to recognize those situations as special occasions and value the fact that you are eating out... and when you haven't eaten out in a long time those moments of celebrating or spending time with a friend at a good restaurant are probably going to be more significant for you.

At the end of the month we'll have saved a lot of money but we'll also have a higher appreciation for things we used to take for granted... and hopefully we'll have tried out a lot of cool new recipes in the process :)

How to wash a cloth diaper...

No, you can't just throw them into the wash and be done with it... I wish. Sure, I am over thinking the entire process- I know this. But we have a front loader high efficiency machine which makes washing cloth diapers harder... So after tons of research I finally picked the detergent I wanted to use and the wash routine I wanted to use... but I have been too scared to wash my diapers for fear of ruining them, LOL. But today I worked up the nerve and washed them and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be! I think once the diapers are dirty it'll be a different story though, HA!

Sewing projects...

So I really want to continue getting better with my sewing. I've mastered Baby Leggings- HOORAY! I'm really pleased with myself, but there are only so many baby leggings that baby boy needs. I wanted to move on to something a little more challenging so I decided to try a soaker pattern- a soaker is something you put over a certain type of cloth diapers. Here is the pattern and what a good soaker looks like. Now, mine is nowhere near as nice, but it's my first attempt at doing anything on my own from start to finish. With the baby leggings my mom taught me and did the first few with me... and now I can do them by myself. With the soaker I did it from start to finish all by myself. I'm going to keep working on it- hopefully I'll get better, LOL. This pair is ok but they're quite uneven, HA!

It took me over an hour and by the time I was done I wanted to cry because I was just so sick of it... but it's ok- I *WILL* get better and I will keep practicing... but not this weekend, LOL. Maybe I'll make some more baby legs.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 1 of no eating out... and art work

I honestly had every intention of being super productive this weekend... and in my head I thought that even if I wasn't REALLY productive I'd at least be somewhat productive. I set my standards WAY too high. I did get grocery shopping complete- which is a pretty big task since it includes meal planning, checking for ingredients, grocery list compiling, coupon clipping, etc... and then actually going to Safeway and Costco to buy everything :) So we did that today, so I'll be happy.

We don't have very many weekends left with just the 3 of us sitting around and being lazy so I should probably just settle down and enjoy it. This morning Deacon asked if he could paint- we are really bad parents and typically say no to paint... it's just so messy. But this morning I was feeling generous and got out all his paint- he was in heaven. I feel bad that I don't let him do this more often... so I vowed this morning to let him paint a lot more from here on out.

Today was also day 1 of our no eating out challenge... and as with everything else I've had planned this weekend, I had high standards for how day one would look. I thought I'd prepare a fun meal for breakfast, lunch and for dinner. Breakfast? Ego Waffles. Lunch? English muffin pizzas. Dinner? Boxed Mac & Cheese. But hey, at least we didn't eat out.