Saturday, January 31, 2009

White boy meets hip hop

His "mean hip hop face" has sort of evolved into a strange/unique hip hop face, LOL- notice the incredibly red cheeks?

Deacon is the second (or third?) in line, his teacher is the first in line.

Deacon's recital was today- during naptime. So I've been so nervous about how he would do- which was DUMB of me. Of course my child was fine- he had a great time... he was incredibly red faced and had bags under his eyes by the time his class started dancing, but it didn't stop him from gettin' down.

He's the youngest kid in his class and has SO much fun- he absolutely adores his friends and his teacher, Ms. April.

I'm absolutely embarrassed with the pictures I took- but it was so dark in the auditorium, so that's my excuse. But the video was super cute... so enjoy that. Keep in mind that these kids are ages 3-5, LOL.


Lisa said...

That is CLASSIC! What a little cutie. I loved his solo and then the part at the very end where he was the last one "skipping" off the stage. Great great video!

*Kelly* said...

That is so cute!! I love it!!

Unknown said...

SWEET moves!!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh that was hilarious!! Awesome job Deacon!!!! :-D

T- said...

That video was the greatest. He is just too adorable. He really had it going on, didn't he?!?

jessstephkylesmom said...

I'm impressed, he didn't miss a beat!!!