Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sunday... SUNDAY... SUNDAY!!!... (well, actually Friday)

Friday evening, Deacon went to his first Monster Truck Jam... which also happened to be my first.  One of our family friends, Cory, was taking his son and asked if we wanted to go too.... Actually his wife told him to go and my wife threw me under the Monster Truck... er, offered Deacon and me as moral support.  So Thursday at lunch time, I ran to Lowes and purchased ear protection (muffs for Deacon and plugs for me) and started psyching myself up for the event.

To be honest, it was alot more fun than I expected, though that's not saying much.  Deacon actually enjoyed it quite a bit, which I think was the biggest surprise of the night considering it started AT his bedtime... and he;s generally afraid of loud noises (like the toilet, let alone 1500 horse-power engines).

When we got home at 10PM (with the requesite GraveDigger HotWheels toy in hand), Deacon was still totally amped up.  But Amanda made him lay down and relax for 1 story and he barely made it back to his bed conscious.

All-in-all, I'd say the evening was a pretty big success...

Update:  Just to clear up any confusion, I did kinda have fun... but don't tell anyone. ;-)

Deacon getting his "Monster Face" (and ear protection) on with Cory at his side.

Our favorite: "The GRAVEDIGGER"

A red-cheeked Deacon atop a car destined for demolition at the next evening's event.


Unknown said...

Great pictures! My boys love the MT show!

Samantha said...

Love it!!

Especially the Monster Face.

T- said...


The wutz would have loved that, too!