Thursday, January 29, 2009

Settling down?

... so I'm not too convinced that the no t.v. during bedtime routine has helped settle him down much. HOWEVER, I will say that the added family time is 100 times nicer than t.v. time. Bedtime routine is much shorter now, which is also an added bonus. I will say, however, that we have had fewer arguments since the no t.v. rule started- we've cut out arguing over what show he can watch, how long he can watch the show, etc... So while he's still a bit overly energized still, the no t.v. rule has definitely improved our quality of life ;-)

So anyways... time for an update!- it's been forever!

Damien left for a business trip on Sunday night- I've been dreading this trip since we found out about it. I don't do well home alone... I'm a BIG baby and every noise at night is cause for me to panic- thank God for burglar alarms.

One of my big concerns was Milo- he's used to 2 walks a day, both of which need to be pretty fast paced. Well, I'm not at a place where I can walk "fast" so I knew we needed to figure out something- so we asked the owners of the doggy spa we take Milo to and they recommended a dog walker for us. Oh.My.Gosh. This guy is AMAZING. He comes to our house everyday and walks Milo for 30-45 minutes. Milo loves him and actually cries when he leaves, LOL. Milo is going to be disappointed when daddy starts to walk him again ;-)

Deacon and I have been having a really good week- up until yesterday. On Tuesday night I started getting some Gallbladder irritations and was just not feeling great- but no major GB attack. Well, Wednesday was horrible. Anytime I ate something I had a GB attack... and the pathetic thing was that I didn't put two and two together until about 6 p.m. I didn't realize I was making everything worse by eating- esp since I wasn't eating anything high in fat. By the time I got Deacon around 4:45 I was so much in pain that when Tanier asked if I was ok I burst into tears... she was so sweet and made me promise I'd call her if I needed her to come get Deacon- which made me cry even more knowing that she would do that for me. I told Deacon I wasn't feeling well and he needed to be a really good boy last night... I bribed him with t.v. watching, cookies, marshmallows, junk food for dinner- basically everything he LOVES. Well, it worked- he was an angel. Around 6:30 I called my ob/gyn because at that point I had been in constant pain for about 6.5 hours. She asked if I could come in to the hospital... to which I said, I could, but I'd prefer not to since I had my 3 year old. So she told me to stop eating and drinking (all but water)- and if that didn't stop the pain within a couple of hours I needed to just find a way to get into the hospital. Thank GOD her advice worked- 2.5 hours later I was in significantly less pain. I got very little sleep because I was still so uncomfortable, but it was much more manageable. Anyways, today I took it really easy with everything I ate- I can tell my GB is not very happy because everytime I eat I get twinges of pain.

In all of this I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning (pre-pain) and everything looks pretty good. She's a bit concerned with the contractions I'm having so she prescribed some muscle relaxant- and if that doesn't stop the contractions I have to go in. I'm supposed to take it if I have 5 or more contractions an hour... which has only happened twice, so I'm not too concerned.

Baby boy IS measuring smaller than average, though she's not concerned. I find it really funny that he's measuring so much smaller than Deacon- because I'm just as uncomfortable with him as I was with Deacon- and Deacon was HUGE! This baby is still SO very active... which is uncomfortable but oddly I'm getting used to it.

My good friend, Jennifer, had her baby two days ago- I'm SO excited to meet him... but it makes me so nervous because it means that we are so incredibly close to having our baby. I cannot believe we're 6 weeks away from our due date!!! Anyways, CONGRATS Jennifer, Mike, Nicholas and Dillon :)

Anyways, this was SO long... so congrats if you made it this far :)


Theresa said...

Oh Amanda! I am so sorry you were in so much pain and that you had so many gb attacks... especially being home by yourself. I hope you are able to relax this whole weekend once Damien gets home. I could totally watch Deacon for you all day tomorrow if you need a break. I am sorry you are so uncomfortable too. gb attacks, almost the end of pregnancy, contractions + very active baby = very uncomfortable feelings! HUGE hugs you to sweetie...

T- said...

Amanda, I hope you keep feeling better! Thank you for the update, it was great.

The pics are awesome!