Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lowering standards...

Ok folks... we're all going to have to lower our standards here a bit. Not only do I have no desire to take pictures, I have no desire to post on my blog- which leads to a very neglected and boring blog life. So maybe if we all set lower standards we'll be much happier, LOL.

But now that I'm here I might as well do a brief update... which, unfortunately, will not include pictures- mainly because I haven't taken a single picture since the beginning of January (this isn't helping my case for wanting a new camera lens, is it?).

So what's been going on with us?

  • I'm still pregnant. I'm at that point, however, where I'm so uncomfortable and wishing I wasn't pregnant... and these feelings are made 100 times worse by the fact that I have 9 more weeks to go.
  • The baby is more active than I could ever have imagined a baby being. It was cute at first... but now it just plain hurts. While it's a cool party trick, I wish he'd sleep a little bit more.
  • I'm big. I've got the pictures to prove it. Maybe I'll show you later.
  • My friends threw me a wonderful baby shower... We all got together at California Pizza Kitchen for me and our friend Jennifer (who is due a month before me) and had a wonderful time. I have such amazing friends. No one took pictures though... thank goodness there is no documentation of me drinking a diet coke and eating soft cheese.
  • The nursery is almost done... Damien just needs to paint it.
  • Deacon LOVES having Grandma here- he's spoiled beyond belief and I look forward to her leaving so I can deal with the aftermath of a child who no longer gets treated like a little prince.
  • Having my mom here has been an amazing help these past few weeks- I've gotten so much ready for the baby and I'm well rested (well, as well rested as I can be).
  • Damien is going on a business trip at the end of January... for a week. Not only am I unhappy about this from a personal standpoint, but I'm also a bit confused how the University can justify spending so much money when the budget is as messed up as it is. But that's an entirely different rant.
  • Baby no-name *might* actually have a name... but don't worry, we're not going to share it with you all until he's born. That way, if I change my mind again, I won't have to listen to any of you complaining about my indecisiveness.
  • I'm mastering the art of sewing and couldn't be happier... just recently I made some baby legs and think I'm pretty amazing for doing so.

So there's my update. Maybe tomorrow I'll get motivated and take some pictures- my belly, the nursery, Deacon... the usual.

Until then, I hope this will suffice... Lord knows I might not be back for a week.


*Kelly* said...

I love baby leggin' they are so darn cute!! Did you make them out of adult socks! Super easy and super cute!!

Unknown said...

YEAH for a shower and possibly a name!

T- said...

Congrats on the potential name. Thanks for the update!