Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've been tagged...

*I am: waiting for Damien so we can go to bed... I can hardly keep my eyes open
*I want: to sleep through the night without waking up
*I have: a really really funny little boy
*I dislike: how cluttered and disorganized and messy my house is right now... it's stressing me out
*I miss: sleeping... and my friends and family in Ohio ;-)
*I fear: oh gosh... a lot. Um, we'll go with the biggies- birds, bugs, someone breaking into my house, flying
*I feel: really lucky
*I hear: Deacon's humidifier over the baby monitor
*I crave: nothing right now... I'm so stuffed from eating crap all day.
*I cry: a lot... I'm incredibly emotional and cry when I'm happy, sad, mad, etc...
*I usually: take a lot more pictures than I have been doing lately
*I search: for ways to motivate myself to be more organized
*I wonder: when I'll truly figure out the name of this baby... I think I know, but I'm always doubting myself.
*I regret: buying this house
*I love: my bed
*I care: about every student I work with
*I always: check my email multiple times a day
*I worry: a lot less than I used to
*I am not: patient... at all.
*I remember: not much lately
*I believe: that people are inherently good
*I dance: a lot in my car
*I sing: like a superstar when no one is listening
*I don't always: get my way
*I argue: a lot.
*I write: sloppily... I wish I had prettier handwriting.
*I win: whenever Damien and I play the alphabet game in the car.
*I wish: that jobs all over the country were more stable than they are.
*I listen: to Britney Spears new CD a lot... trashy, I know, but I love it.
*I don't understand: a lot of stuff... just ask Damien
*I can usually be found: on my laptop
*I need: to sleep... now
*I forget: a lot... I have a HORRIBLE memory. I always forget to get people things, especially when they ask for pictures I've taken of their kids...
*I am happy: about a lot of things in my life... but right now I'm happy because it's time to go to bed :)

I tag: Cate, Stephen (who never blogs, so I'm hoping this fun survey brings him out of the wood work) & Tara

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