Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cloth diapering... a monkey

So I'm still practicing CD'ing (cloth diapering) with good ole Monkey. He's really a good sport and model... but I'm starting to wish I had a real baby to "practice" on at this point. I can't imagine baby boy is going to be as still and patient as Monkey has been throughout this process.

Anyways, a lot of people really urged me to try the old fashioned prefold (now on referred to as "pf's") diapers... I was hesitant so I just bought half a dozen for super cheap off a friend I know. They've been sitting in the drawer for months and the other night I pulled one out so Damien and I could figure out how to put one on... well, wouldn't you know it, DAMIEN figured it out in all of 5 seconds- no tutorial or anything, LOL. I tried and it was SO simple. I feel like we're missing something here... but it was super easy peasy.

So tonight I put Monkey back in his pf diaper and covered it with one of the covers my mom made :) SUPER cute!!!

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Dawn said...

I'm confused...what holds the wetness in?